Would you rather end the divas division or revamp it?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 18, 2012.

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  1. What would you prefer? The whole division scrapped and "divas" to be used as eye-candy or controversial characters like Vickie, or have the division revamped with good female wrestlers?

    It may seem like a daft question - but I've come across many members on many sites that say they're bored of female wrestling on a whole.
  2. P45 'em.
  3. 86 that bullshit. Keep Layla and a few others as valets/for storylines, and send the ones who can work ala Beth, AJ, Natalya to TNA to job to my girl Gail Kim.
  4. Keep the divas division they have proved they can put on matches just as good as the guys and I think them getting less tv time right now is disgusting WTF is Vince doing
  5. Revamp it as there are so many talented female wrestlers out there that it's a shame to not push. I mean we live in a world of equals imo and if the division was pushed properly it could be a good addition.
  6. Most aren't really tough 4 it really. They should manage the guys and not wrestle. A few can do it, otherwise they should offer opportunities 2 talented girls who can actually wrestle well
  7. Abolish it. I've always hated women's wrestling.
  8. Keep then 100 percent they are good performers just not m8ic skills except eve and personally I. Love all the ass
  9. Revamp the women's division and hire women wrestlers that can actually wrestle and the one's that are good on the mic.
  10. Just have a constant supply or bra and panties matches!!!

    Until karma returns....

  11. Vickie vs Kharma

  12. Revamp with valet storylines. Like having good quality matches, and having that involved aswell in a valet role.
    Or something like the 2000-2007 thing, that really rocked. Diva's like: Lita, Stacy, Trish, Candice, Torrie, Sable, Jazz, etc..
  13. If its true Finlay was responsible 4 Trish, I'd like him back. Otherwise, maybe that Regal guy can do the job.
  14. If WWE would give their best on it, revamp. Hiring lots of talented female wrestler, keeping the few they've got active and putting women with other assets as valets and things like that. Then it would be alright.
  15. I already had a long rant about this in one of my threads before, but revamp it personally.
  16. Revamp it I still want my diva's focus pics
  17. Scrap. Their matches are my snack/bathroom breaks. They are a waste of a time slot and only good for managers and occasional bikini contests. I have seen nothing but decline since Trish/Lita/Victoria and the rest of that bunch left. If it were them, I'd say improve... but... oh wait! They didn't need improvement because they could actually wrestle.

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  19. Read a rumour that Kelly Kelly is gonna win back the divas title and feud with Eve for the title
  20. How is putting the title on the blandest diva in the division going to help it?
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