Would You Rather Get A Paycheck Or Title Run?

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  1. Paycheck

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  2. Title run

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  1. So you work for a major wrestling promotion and the boss calls you into his office. He tells you that you have a choice between 2 things. You can either recieve your usual annual pay for the rest of your career but you will never win any championships, or you will have miltiple title runs (major, minor, tag team/womens) but you will never get paid a penny. Which do you choose?
  2. I chose paycheck. Not being able to get a penny for that kind of schedule is not worth it. You'd need a raise for being a top champ. I'd rather be a jobber with a high salary than a champ with a low one. Less stress and more money is better 90 percent of the time
  3. Pay check simply because how would you survive without money?? do they feed you in this hypothetical situation? do they give you somewhere to live? if you get those things included i might consider saying glorious carreer because you could get acting jobs and stuff afterwards.
  4. Pay check, a broken body isn't worth a title run alone.
  5. Silly question. Im not gonna work for free.
  6. Considering none of you can work for shit you should be grateful that you're working for a major promotion in the first place considering you're not worth being paid.

    I'll pick the title runs for a while before bailing taking my character elsewhere seeing as I'd already be a draw at that point. I'm a genius.
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  7. what?
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  8. Worth being paid*

  9. I thought about trying to be cute with my answer, but meh. Too dumb of a question for a smart answer.
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  10. Still, What?

  11. Let me explain this to you. You're not Dean Malenko, you don't draw, you're not worth shit and you don't deserve a pay if you can't wrestle or draw. If WWE calls you up and says that they want to work squash matches for free for the next year you would be stupid to say no. People a lot better than you could ever be have wrestled for free, so you saying that you won't work for no pay is stupid as hell.
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  12. lol, stop taking the thread so literally you dolt.
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  13. No, We are talking if I or anyone else was at the level where you get paid for shows. If I am at that level no I wont work for free so no it wasnt stupid as hell.

  14. I really hope Ian Rotten stiffs you for money in the future so that you can cry on your journey home.
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  15. Title run. With that big of a push, you could make money by other means. Being the #1 guy = money, regardless of whether wwe are paying you. #loophole

  16. There have been plenty of wrestling champs that were never mainstream attractions outside of the wrestling industry.
  17. I'm under the illusion that I can have whatever title reign I want. I'd want a long ass WWE title reign with superior booking. I'd be a star for sure.
  18. I'm under the illusion that I get to pick the salary for my checks. I pick 10 billion dollars.

  19. Well I'll have like 600,000 followers on twitter. Beat that.
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