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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. Yet another forum game. Yay:yay:

    Post two options of things a person hypothetically has to do, then the person below them picks one and asks two more. Kind of like a dare with a choice.

    I'll start:

    Would you rather eat a chocolate bar with live worms in it OR take nude pictures of Mark Henry?
  2. Take nude pics of Mark Henry.

    Would you rather marry an elephant for 5 years or be in prison for 10 years.
  3. Here's looking at you sir big-umms! I'll marry the elephant!

    Would you rather walk 20 feet on broken glass or clean up someone's puke off the floor?
  4. Clean up someone's puke.

    Would you rather do a murder and get a way with it or Do a robbery and be sentenced to life?
  5. Robbery. I can't kill someone :sad:

    Would you rather fight Rampage Jackson one on one in a street fight or be kissed (FRENCHED!) by the same sex?
  6. Fight Rampage Jackson.
    I would kick his ass.

    Would you rather have 1 billion dollars and will be :alone: or you have an average life and marry someone who is a 4.
  7. 1 billion dollars and be lonely! YAY!

    Would you rather be a doctor or a lawyer? :emoji_slight_smile:)
  8. Lawyer.

    Since Hannah is in the thread.

    Would you rather marry Randy Orton or Duncan? :jeritroll:
  9. I want a guy that can sing AND protect me. Duncan James. (Plus he's single tbh)

    Hot airheads or fugly nerds?
  10. Hot Airheads. :cry:

    Become a successful actor/actress or Become a successful singer.
  11. Become an actor/actress. I can be one in Musicals, yo. YAY! That means I can act AND sing!

    Become a famous person without money or rich without the press' attention?
  12. Rich without press.

    Would you rather wake up naked and sore next to the Burger King guy who says "You had it your way" or wake up next to Ronald McDonald who said "You were loving it"
  13. Burger King Guy.

    Vag. and bleed, or anal and shit. :eww:

  14. Vag with blood, definitely. :burns:

    Would you rather have no arms at all or no legs at all?
  15. No legs at all. I love writing too much!

    Would you rather dance or sing?
  16. Sing.

    Would you rather Hannah or Britannica (neither of you's can answer)
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