Would You Rather?

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  1. Let's play a game.

    I'll ask a would you rather, the person below me will answer and then ask a question of their own for someone else to answer, etc etc.

    Would you rather eat a pineapple with it's skin, or eat an orange with seeds inside it? ​

  2. Better question is, would I rather talk to you or talk to a pile of shit?

    I'll talk to....the pile of shit,

    I kid.
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  3. Pfft, the orange, no doubt. Step ya game up Margarine! Err, butters!

    If your wife and mom switched bodies, and the only way to change them back was to bang one of them, 20 times over the course of a month, would you rather screw your mom inside your wife's body, or your wife inside your mom's body?
  4. I don't have a wife, talk about someone winning the worst lottery ever.

    Oversized clit or undersized dick?
  5. LOL that thread killer. Option 1...
    Would you rather know the date of your death or the cause of your death?
  6. Cause.

    So I don't have to countdown to the date and I can better prepare for the cause so I can be cautious.
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  7. Is it a fixed event that I die on that date? If so the date, you'd be essentially immortal for a set period of time how cool would that be? Plus you could create an epic bucket list with a giant loan due back just after you die.
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  8. Yeah.

    So if my death cause was from a snake bite...can I jump out of a plane with no parachute and still live afterwards? That would be awesome.
  9. Would you rather watch your mom die or watch your dad die? (Also RIP to anyone who's parents are not here and I'm sorry if this offends you)
  10. I'd rather watch you die.:woohoo:
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  11. That was pretty funny. :heenan:
  12. would you rather have a pint with me down the boozer, or go cosplaying
  13. I'll take the cosplaying. My heart don't pump kool aid.

    Would you rather have sex with Shadow's sister or THG?
  14. THG's sister, she's cute.
  15. what position would you rather be in

    with nerox3 getting bullied in school, or drinking shandy with seabs whilst watching romantic film
  16. Someone's obsessed with Nero and seabs aren't they.
  17. Shandy and a romantic movie... shame it has to be with Seabs though but I'll just have to manage :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Would you rather eat a spoonful of cinnamon or take some bear mace to the eye from 5 feet away?
  18. tsar and paige is hot

    two cheeks of the same arse, at the end of the day
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  19. :true:

    Agreed lad
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