Other Would you say that pro wrestling in Japan is far ahead of the WWE and most US-based...


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pro wrestling organizations when it comes to booking of women wrestlers?

For instance, I don't recall Japanese women wrestlers ever having this whole "Women's revolution" movement throughout the entire existence of Womens Wrestling in Japan up to this day because they never needed it since they were not only booked much better than their US counterparts and were allowed to wrestle(even blading themselves to make the match a little bloody and more intense) for longer than 2-3 minutes, they even often competed in gimmick wrestling matches that female wrestlers mainly in the WWE, would very very rarely ever perform in. Female pro wrestlers in the US(at least in the WWE particularly) suffered from a long history of poor booking and having legit female wrestling talents getting over-looked for models who never laced a pair of wrestling boots in their lives and can't wrestle worth crap nor even have an ounce of mic skills. When women wrestlers in the US are booked as good as their Japanese counterparts, usually this seems to only happen in the Indies or much smaller, much less mainstream Pro Wrestling organizations in the US(where you would probably only be able to see these wrestling matches on the internet).

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