Would You Want To See Stephanie Wrestle At WM?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Jan 20, 2016.

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  1. Because it looks like it could be happening:

    Stephanie McMahon Says She's Training For WWE's WrestleMania 32 - WrestlingInc.com
    Wonder who her opponent could possibly be. Charlotte is a heel, Paige is a quasi-heel, Becky is the top babyface but I don't see her working a program with Steph, Sasha Banks is injured and I doubt they'd break her free from Team Bad and push her hard in a program against Mrs. HHH this fast even if she wasn't.

    I think it's almost safe to say Ronda Rousey is still out. She has other commitments (Roadhouse remake, etc.) and I think the devastating KO loss she suffered to Holly Holm may have put a damper on their plans anyway, since she no longer has the same aura surrounding her unless she can come back and defeat Holm and redeem herself.

    I have no problem seeing Stephanie perform. She's the best heel on the show other than Vince himself, and she outperformed 99.9% of the Divas when she wrestled Brie Bella at the '14 Summerslam.
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  2. Maybe Roman's wife will wrestle lol.
    Or even better Stephanie vs Eva Marie for a MOTY.
  3. Nobody is worthy enough to get in the ring with Stephanie McMahon.. I guess Brie Bella wasn't either.. Only one i can think of is Nikki Bella and she's out with an injury.. Charlotte won't work, neither will Becky and those are the only divas relevant right now.

    Really can't think of any woman that would intrigue me facing Stephanie.
  4. No.
    If there's a women's match at mania I want it to be a good one. Which isn't something Stephanie can deliver.
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    Only if it's bra and panties match.
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  6. Balor, We don't need that shit at mania.
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  7. Oh, I bet Vince thinks otherwise.
  8. And that's supposed to reassure me?

    Bra and panties matches is one of the stupidest stipulations in wrestling.
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  9. I wish it could reassure me, as well. lol
  10. That there still are wrestling fans that want bra and panties matches to be a thing shocks, scares and disappoints me at the same time.
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  11. I was joking. lol

    Perhaps I should've used the yellow color to make it known.
  12. Idk what your talking about. Bra and Panties matches kick ass lol
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  13. I much rather see Paige vs Stephanie in a Bar & Panties match over any possible divas match
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  14. Why Paige? Her underwear has to be less revealing than her typical wrestling attire
    To the OP: Absolutely. Steph kayfabe running around like she owns the place and getting ZERO payback for it needs to stop.

    Hell, why not have two Divas matches on the card this year? Becky can wreck Steph while Charlotte and Sasha get a... Bwahahahaha, as if. Steph will be Chick #12 in a 15 girl battle royal or some shit
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  15. Depends on what she wears, but if it's Ronda I won't care much
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  16. Eh, her match with Brie at Summerslam '14 was pretty good, actually. You don't have to be technically sound to have a good match, you just have to be able to get the people emotionally invested without looking like a complete amateur in the ring as well. Stephanie can do that (and has.)
  17. Seems we have different tastes then. Since I find Steph to have always been the absolute shits
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  18. We get technically sound matches on every Raw and nobody cares, Stephanie sounds like the hero we need then.

    If we get a story-laden Stephanie match on the same card as a 20 minute Ambrose vs Jericho match that delivers as well as it should, everyone wins
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  19. Let her fight Brock Lesnar, ** no holds barred!!!!** Yeah!!!!!!!! I'd pay to see that!!!!! LOL..."Throw her outta the stadium, Brock!!!!!!!" "Yeah.....stomp on her..break her nose....hit her in her whatchamacallits...throw her at the announcers......give her a big kiss........see if she can count past ten.....Ask her if she'll vote for Trump....ask for a better fitting pair of shoes....demand your own bathroom and separate changing room....ask for a window...tbc..
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  20. I suppose you would rather watch Mark Henry vs big slow in a Tuxedo match. That do it for you?:ohyeah:
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