Would you welcome a Batista return?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. If so, what would you do with him? If not, why?
  2. Hell yes, i would like to see him feud with Ryback, but Ryback is too new to feud with Batista
  3. YES!

    Would have him come back as the animal start a decent feud with someone like Ambrose and eventually put Ambrose over!
  4. As a heel, yeah sure Heeltista was the shit. As a face, lol no they have enough supermen. That's all he offers as a face.

    As for the heel side, I'd have him feud with someone like Bryan or Kingston to edge them over.
  5. Agreed, heel only would be how I'd want him to return. Batista vs Bryan could be cool.
  6. Of course. He comes back as a loveable stoner face who has taken on the persona of a long lost Diaz brother after his short stint training at Cesar Gracie Jiu Jitsu. He sometimes no shows matches, flips off his opponents, talks trash, ends every promo with '209 WHAT. Cesar Gracie Jiu Jitsu, STOCKTON WHAT'.
  7. Lol'd very hard.
  8. Still feel he could help put someone like Ambrose easily see that being awesome!
  9. Only if he comes back as heel. Don't want his as face.
  10. Yes if it's just to put people over, I didn't like him as world champion.
  11. As a heel putting people over, sure, why not.
  12. Heel, please heel. NO FACE RETURN FOR THE ANIMAL! :((
  13. great
    just what the world needs
    another big stiff
    i say no... hes slow, boring and for some reason always works with other bigs
    yaaaaawn... id rather watch the divas
  14. But heel or face Batista is a big enough name to put a youngster over right?
  15. Batista shouldn't put any youngsters over. He needs to just get in there and dominate.
  16. Sup Vince, go back to work.
  17. yes he is big enough to put someone over
    in a one off match
    please dont bring him back for week to week
    maybe restore some cred to brock?
    id like to see brock crush him
  18. Brock is forgotten. He will be at summerslam, and a couple weeks before WM and at WM. That's it mostly.
  19. Batista should put a young face over, not Brock. That's just spinning your wheels.
  20. i dont see why he cant crush somebody at survivor series just to add to his wrestlemania match
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