Would You Welcome Seeing The King Of The Ring PPV Return?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Feb 16, 2015.

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  1. Just a simple question - if you had all the power and the final decision were up to you, would you like to see the King Of The Ring PPV resurrected or would you prefer to keep the KOTR tournament as it is now, i.e. something that's only done sparingly? (Seeing as how it's been five years since the last tournament was held, I'd say we're due for another one soon, one way or another.)

    I for one love tournaments, and the King Of The Ring was always one of my favorite PPV events of the year until they got rid of it (bastards), so I would proudly welcome it back. I'm conflicted as to whether I'd have it be just for bragging rights or whether I'd put something bigger at stake like a crack at the world title in the main event of Summerslam (they've went that route a few times), but I don't feel like getting into that right now. Just wanted to throw the question out there.
  2. I'd be fine with it.
  3. It'd be interesting to see really would. This could be something to really push guys again like it had been used for the title shot at Summer slam.
  4. Yes, I don't see why not. I'd be perfectly fine with Payback or Battleground being thrown away and getting replaced by KOTR.
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  5. I enjoy the concept sparingly.
    The King's crown is a great plot device that put Booker T over the top as a main event player for the World Heavyweight Championship.
    William Regal (a mentor of sorts to HHH) was another talent who, had he not been had health issues, would have his chance to shine.

    The King's crown is also an effective tool to either turn someone heel or into a comedy act.
    Booker T became delusional after winning and gave him the gimmick McMahon favored. He went on to become 'Champion of Champions' later that year.

    This would definitely be done sparingly since Royal Rumble and MITB pencil in World title shots as it is. They would merely overshadow the Summerslam and water down the automatic title bid concept.

    Give it to the right talent and have a profitable storyline with a good pay off. The KOTR will never be what it once was because MITB has simply replaced it.
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  6. Well, it worked for Austin........
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  7. King of The Ring Is great. It can make new feuds without falling into plain cheesiness, push new stars, and its usually just plain fun to see random match-ups as relevant, in contrast to the usual raw cross-feud matches that might as well be skipped without altering the storyline.
  8. Yeah, that would be pretty cool, i'd dig it
  9. Nah, not time for PPVs with actual themes or concepts... gotta get in the Fast Lanes and Paybacks of the world.
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  10. Better than 50% of the PPVs we have now, I think.
  11. Cena can overcome the odds again.
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  12. I would welcome the return of the King of the Ring as a PPV event. I like tournaments in wrestling, and obviously, the King of the Ring fits the bill. Growing up, I was always excited about the King of the Ring because I looked forward to seeing how it would play out. Even when the winner was obvious, I wondered how we would go from Point A to Point B.

    From a creative standpoint, having the King of the Ring as a PPV event makes sense. One of the lesser non-themed PPVs could be replaced by it. And having a tournament as a PPV at a set time of the year would not feel forced like TLC and Hell in a Cell does. A fair amount of wrestlers have received momentum from winning the Crown. The right wrestler winning the tournament can help because of the amount of wins and endurance.
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  13. I would welcome it over Fast Lane, Battleground and Payback may not any of the others though.. Would be interesting to see them do a trial run with it next year in February instead of keeping on with 'Fast Lane'.
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