Would you welcome the Hardys?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Sage., Feb 2, 2012.

  1. If they were to return to WWE, would you welcome it?
  2. Nope Matt is out of shape and out of mind. Jeff has screwed up too many times. If they got their shit together I'd reconsider however. Especially Jeff. The WWE could use his drawing ability.
  3. Not Matt, I would Jeff. He seems to be sorting his life out now. He's a draw, he's over. SmackDown him up.
  4. I wouldn't welcome Matt, but gladly Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy has seemed to be getting his life back together. Hope he continues. He was a huge draw on Smackdown which something that Smackdown has been lacking.
  5. This is what Smackdown is about. If a guy needs to get his stuff together put him on Smackdown first.

    Jeff would want a reduced schedule, but Matt would need a HBK like turnaround to clear his head
  6. Agreed. So much less pressure on SmackDown, you read quite a lot that they often re-do any misshaps they have. I don't think WWE will ever have them back though personally. Last I heard of Matt was he made a YT video, was in tears because of his drug problem & was going to rehab. Haven't checked since :S.
  7. No. I think they pretty much did all they could with WWE. On top of that their lives have been wayward in recent years. I'm sure WWE doesn't want negatives directed at them regarding them, especially Jeff.
  8. Jeff yes, Matt no.
  9. @[Nightmare Rowdy Catalan Jade] I must say I love your username :smile:
  10. No both can go to hell and suck Jeff Jarrets ****.

    They belong in where they currently are, same goes with Bobby Lashley he shouldn't have quit from the beginning.
  11. To be fair I can see why superstars would want a break from 24/7 travelling and backstage politics.
  12. I don't even welcome Hardy in TNA.
  13. Same sh*t, i'd never do that i would just say "I love what i'm doing and i'll keep doing it untill i can't move"

    The only time i would take a break would be for my wife or kids, just a week or two to spend with them.

    That is if i were a WWE Superstar.
  14. It's difficult to say without actually knowing what they go through though.
  15. Not Mat... No way. I do think Jeff would be a good high flier for the WWE again.
  16. Lol'd and repped.
  17. I would let Jeff Hardy back.
    Deciding whether for Matt Hardy.
  18. Matt no his demon seem dark and its unlikely he'll recover!

    Jeff yes but he would never leave TNA due to the support ppl have given him there he's loyal to them imo for the second chance

    As Lashley was mentioned hell yes