Would you welcome Vince Russo back now?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. With the lack of storylines and creativity being the #1 thing WWE fans are complaining about, would you welcome Mr Crazy Booking himself Vince Russo? :russo:
  2. At this point, Id be willing to give anything a try, because of the simple fact that the writers they have now, clearly are not getting the job done. Besides I liked the storylines he pushed through on TNA or Impact Wrestling.
  3. If he fires Orton and has Cena put people over then yes.
  4. No need for Russo. The problem is Vince ignoring the booking team's storylines and writing everything on his own. If Russo was there it wouldn't make a difference. If McMahon didn't ignore the bookers as he does now and Russo was brought back then OK, he's got a filter so I think he'd be good to go.
  5. vince for the most part listined to russo
  6. McMahon and Russo working together would be good. Russo would come up with the storylines and mcmahon would filter out all the stupid shit
  7. Vince Russo leaving TNA got them back on track for the most part. I just don't think he gets pro wrestling and how certain storylines don't mesh well in the pro wrestling realm. The problem isn't storylines, it's creative getting behind the wrestling and using roster more effectively. He was the man behind Mae Young's hand. I think the WWE needs fresh ideas from people who can work a large roster, foster sports based stories and create rivalries. Think Paul Heyman or Gabe Saploski.
  8. I would happily welcome back Vince Russo maybe he could actually make WWE better than what Vince McMahon is doing
  9. I'd never give Russo a chance again. We need creativity but we don't need insane.
  10. Russo is overrated as fuck
  11. This, his car crash TV style is horrible alot of the time. He's very much a one trick pony and the shock style isn't needed currently. Logical advancement is the way forward now, Heyman knows how to do this much better than Russo.
  12. Russo isn't overrated because nobody likes him.

    I'd be fine with it, we get enough stupid shit in the product nowadays that adding Russo can add at least a few good ideas to the product. Plus he doesn't have to manage all the egos backstage and push all the "ratings draws" that he did in TNA.

    The problem is Vince being his filter, will he let Russo's good ideas die by the wayside?

    If nothing else, why not use Triple H? Judging by how NXT is being booked he's their best option (granted, with NXT they don't have to appeal to mass audiences, do PPV hype, manage card structure, etc, but it's still worth a shot) and Koskey too ofc.
  13. That's the thing, there's no need for Russo, there are already people that can book very well in WWE, but Vince doesn't use their ideas.
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