Wouldn't Bully vs Richards be awesome?

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  1. I don't know, last week on that segment with the three tag teams where they announced it was TLC, Davey and Bully had a quick staredown and I just figured that heel Bully vs underdog babyface Davey Richards would be a killer program, the visual was cool. Kinda like that Aries/Bully feud from a while ago, I guess. Any thoughts on this?
  2. Would love to see it. Heel Bully is gold, I'm pretty sure Richards would do good as a heel, as well... But I don't think that a 'vanilla midget' could be a heel in this type of situation. The big guy would be the bad guy, so I'm all up for Bully vs Davey.
  3. But I did say Richards would be the babyface.
  4. And I did say I would love to see it. I was just pointing out that Richards has a potential to be a good heel. That's all.

    Peace, brotha.
  5. Oh, alright. Thought you had misunderstood me there :dawg:
  6. [​IMG]

    Oh, I like that. I need some new Workaholics in my life.
  7. Yes.... Bully Ray vs Stevie Richards would be awesome, especially for ECW nostalgia :emoji_grin:
  8. More like Bully Ray vs Davey Richards
  9. Who?
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  10. Some Copycat of Stevie Richards.

    Expect a BWO rip off to appear soon.
  11. Yes pls, I loved the Wolves segment and Bully being a bit of a jackass with Davey simply getting his jimmies rustled was gold. If they keep Bully around at all this year or next year, I want to see Bully vs Davey.
  12. Babyface Davey? God no, thanks for the offer though.
  13. In this case, I don't really see heel fitting Davey, with Bully being a 300 pound monster, and Davey being a vanilla midget. I do like Davey as a heel, though. But in this case, not really...
  14. Bully vs Stevie would most likely be the more entertaining match.

    Not sure how well super serious about technical wrestling Davie and "technical wrestling is boring" Bully would mesh one on one. At least in the tag match series they've had various stips that can help the psychology and chemistry if there is a lack there of.
  15. You think it's that bad? I didn't catch any of his indy face stuff tbh, but from what I've seen from TNA he's not a bad babyface.

    Good point; I was more thinking about the feud dynamic overall and didn't put much thought into the match. I guess they could work a fun No Holds Barred match or something similar though.
  16. A babyface Richards in ROH was a neutered Richards
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  17. Richards as a babyface can only work in a tag team like now with Edwards. As a singles though? Fuck no, he should be a dick midget heel only when singles wrestler.
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  18. So he should be himself as a heel?
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