Wow, I didn't know this...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. You all remember Ranjin Singh, the previous manager of The Great Khali, right?

    Did you know he's the head creative writer for RAW.

    I didn't know that at all.
    Thought he was released years ago. :hmm:
  2. He's been a writer on RAW for years. Read back in February I think that he was promoted to Head Writer.
  3. Jesus, I didn't know this..
  4. YES ! i knowed
  5. And you didn't tell of this important information?. I'm disappointed..
  6. I knew it.
  7. Never knew this....Now we know who has to be fired.
  8. Well if this true and he is like he was on screem then that tell me why WWE have SUCK for the past 4 years! :pipebomb:
  9. Now it all makes sense
  10. I thought Brian Gerwitz was...
  11. Gerwitz writes Smackdown whenever Vince isn't there with his sticky fingers.
  12. No, that's Ed Koskey. Gewirtz used to be the head for Raw and Hayes for SD, they were both promoted and now Kapoor does Raw while Koskey takes care of SD. That is, until Vince throws their scripts out and rewrites the entire show for himself twenty times.
  13. Ed Koskey is head SmackDown writer.
  14. Yeah thanks but Leo already beat you to that :pity: And I always get Koskey and Gerwitz mixed up for some reason.
  15. Same minute. Didn't even see his post. :haha:
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