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  1. [​IMG]
  2. Haha, that's awesome.... But now I have the feeling that my jaw is going to fall off.
  3. Can't really see what it is but I can definitely see something there, is it a Pokemon or something?


    Oh wait yeah it's Pikachu.
  4. Did it, mum came in, felt stupid. Still can't see the pic.
  5. Is it a pikachu?
  6. Yarp.
  7. hehe Yarp....Order up to go!
  8. PIKA PIKACHU!!! :YAY: So worth it
  9. Saw it without shaking head. :boss:
  10. Same here but I had to shake my head to be sure.
  11. PIKA PIKA....

    Where's Crayo's brother at?
  12. If you stop shaking your head, it fades away. wtf?
  13. I'm shaking my head, but not for the reason you intended me to.
  14. THIS.
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