PPV Wrestle Dynasty II - Match Card


The Architect

Live from San Francisco, California

Match One:

Intercontinental Championship
'The Amazing One'
Chris Young @impactking

'The Mysterious'
Kyle Rayner @Welsh-Wizard-97

"We are finally here with the final show of Season 2, this is Wrestle Dynasty II! To kick off the show, we have two men fighting for the vacant Intercontinental Championship, Chris Young faces Kyle Rayner. Young, a former Survival Champion, and seasoned veteran looks to claim a title above that of the Survival title. Rayner, who is still fairly new to the company, looks to knock 'The Amazing One' off to claim his first title in Precision. The winner of this match will be the Intercontinental Champion heading into the third season of Precision."

Match Two:

Tyson Blade's Retirement Match
'The Old Guard'
Tyson Blade @Electro
'The Rising Legend'

Jack Rogue @Geek773

"Here at Wrestle Dynasty II, we will see the end of a career, as Tyson Blade will wrestle his final match in Precision. His opponent, Jack Rogue, a former Precision Champion and Superstar of the Year candidate, looks to see Blade out in his final match. Who will walk away with the victory in this match? It's Blade vs. Rogue, in a match that will see the end of a true legend."

Main Event:
Precision World Heavyweight Championship

'The Champ'
Antonio Stark @The Anarchist
'The New King'
Joseph Diamond @CiV
'The Vengeful'
Will Neilson Sanic Sanic

"The main event of Wrestle Dynasty II is arguably one of the biggest main events in Precision history, Antonio defends his newly won Precision World Heavyweight Championship against the former champ Will Neilson, and the former Intercontinental Champion, the man who cost Spencer Hyde the very title, Joseph Diamond. These three will go to war in order to walk into Season 3 as the World Heavyweight Champion, and this is bound to be an instant classic."

2 weeks to do matches, only for this event tho. Time to end 2K17 with a bang.
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