NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 9

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Bort, Dec 8, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]

    The card:

    0. Pre-show Battle Royal
    1. Jr. Tag Title: Bucks vs. Hooligans vs. Splitters vs. reDRagon (c)
    2. Jarrett, Fale, Yujiro vs. Tenzan, Kojima, Honma
    3. Yano & X (probably Muto/Muta) vs. Suzuki-gun selected duo
    4. Suzuki vs. Sakuraba
    5. Never Title: Makabe vs. Ishii (c)
    6. Junior Title: Omega vs. Taguchi (c)
    7. Tag Team Title: Goto & Shibata vs. Anderson & Gallows (c)
    8. Styles vs. Naito
    9. IC Title: Ibushi vs. Nakamura (c)
    10. Heavyweight Title: Okada vs. Tanahashi (c)

    How to watch:

    - New Japan World
    - regular PPV in America (both live and replay)
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  2. Hm. At what time will it air in the US?
  3. lol Japanese wrestling fans are the biggest fucking geeks on planet earth
  4. 2 in the morning. The replay is the next day, regular time.
  5. Thanks. It'll air at 5AM here, but I don't think I'll be able to wake up in time. I'll see
  6. Assume with the New Japan World feed (no Jim Ross, boo!) you'll be able to watch it later?
  7. Yes, it'll remain as a VOD. As long as the World lives.
  8. Matt Striker is JR's second.
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  9. Yano's partners against Suzuki-gun's Iizuka, Benjamin, Archer and Smith are Marufuji, Nicholls and Haste, all from NOAH.

    NJPW is also financially backing NOAH it seems, it's in their interest that NOAH lives, and I dunno why tbh.
  10. Making this the official LD for the WK. I'll sticky it.

    Get hype. Get mighty
  11. Damn, I won't be watching this live 'cause it'll be airing late in my country. But, I'll be sure to watch it the next day.

    I'm so pumped up about this show!
  12. I'm so freaking hyped..
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  13. Gotta watch all the Okada/Tana matches chronologically to prepare myself. I might squeeze in Ibushi/Shinsuke I and Styressu/Naito I too.
  14. I'll definitely try to watch it live.
  15. Where you from?
  16. Serbia.
  17. Sunday 8 in the morning, dude. Picture perfect time.
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  18. That's too early. lol

    Guess I'll watch it on ww.ch when it gets uploaded.
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