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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Thunderlips, Feb 10, 2016.

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  1. Hi all

    Im wondering if someone can confirm the following

    Ive heard that every title MUST change hands at WM

    I can renember every title changing hands last year but does it happen every year?

  2. I don't think that's necessarily true. The tag titles have not changed hands the past four WM's, IIRC.

    It wouldn't surprise me at all if this year they all change hands at Mania, even the tag titles.
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  3. You heard wrong, broski.
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  4. lol do you even watch bro?
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  5. No im 39 and only started watching since WM30 and weekley from WM31

    So thats why i asked
  6. Show Spoiler

    39 seems a strange age to get into wrestling but ok :hogan: Fair play to you lad
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  7. Well no. That's not true. Despite titles changing hands at the last couple of Manias, they are few and far between. WrestleMania 27 had two title matches, and both didn't change hands. WrestleMania 26 had 1 title change. WrestleMania 25 had 2 title changes.

    EDIT: WM 25 technically had 3 title changes, but dark matches don't count. In my book, at least.
  8. Just watched WM 30 cos there was nothing on before that it annoyed me
    Got fed up halfway though that year and didnt watch again until WM31 cos i enjoyed the previous years
    I carried on watching wanting to see Brock get his revenge in Seth
    Just about to at SS and Undertaker shows up
    Now i have to keep watching and now ive realised im very entertained
    So i joined this forum to discuss and ask questioms

    Im married with kids
    I had to fill the peace and quiet up with sonething and reading isnt my thing lol
  9. I recommend Marijuana.
  10. Years ahead of you mate
  11. I think the WHC, US, and Divas will change hands this year

    IC and tag titles could stay the same
  12. #IdiotPotheadTeenagers
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  13. Just so you know, Juan Cena actually exists

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  14. Im 39 chuck
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  15. lolol It is a joke to a member that joined the forum for all of 40 minutes and called us all idiot teenagers.
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  16. All titles don't always change hands.

    Roman vs triple h: title change for sure. No fucking way triple h wins this.

    IC title: I see Dean beating whomever, but who knows.

    US title: changes hands hopefully in a ladder match or something.

    Divas title: changes.

    Take titles: maybe.
  17. What's wrong with potheads HUH ?! :mad1-61:
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  18. :sandow:
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