WrestleMania – Sting vs. Triple H

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    WrestleMania – Sting vs. Triple H
    The vigilante, Sting, will make his long-awaited WWE in-ring debut at WrestleMania against WWE COO Triple H. Get your seats to the biggest event of the year. Tickets available now at Ticketmaster....
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  2. Remember when Fandango made his WWE in ring debut at Wrestlemania?
  3. These two are going to put on a clinic. I'm looking for a real throwback match in regards to pacing and psychology.
  4. This will be awesome match !
  5. Aye. And he's been irrelevant since then. lol
  6. What does this have to do with Sting?
  7. Probably the fact that he'll be making his WWE in-ring debut at Mania, too.
  8. Yes I'm well aware that Fandango made his debut and Sting is... so my question remains what does Fandango's lack of success have to do with Sting debuting at WrestleMania? By the use of emojis, it appears to be a classic IWC illogical argument. Sting is somehow going to tarnish his legacy or something?

    Correlation does not imply causation.
  9. Fandango's lack of success doesn't have anything to do with Sting, it was just implied both guys' in-ring debuts took place at Mania.
  10. It was a joke. No need to get smarky son.
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  11. Fascinating
  12. Yeah, Sting vs Trips is gonna be a fascinating match, indeed.
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  13. I'm excited. Can't wait for Sting to make the big comeback and lay down some Stinger Splashes.
  14. Not sure if they'll add the 'Whoever loses gets fired from WWE' stipulation, but I hope Stinger sticks around after Mania, though.
    Him defeating Trips and then disappearing for another year wouldn't be so cool.
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  15. Whatever he does he needs to remain a special attraction. As much as I would love to see Sting wrestle every single guy in NXT & WWE, the more you use him the less special it becomes.

    He was used too much and too poorly in TNA.

    WWE has recovered that special vibe he had in 1997 & they need to hold onto that.
  16. Sting vs Finn Balor though... At WrestleMania... That is a match I would pay good dinero to see
  17. That'd be some good shit, their entrances alone would be dope.

    But anyways, I think we might get to see Taker vs Sting at Mania 32 where both superstars will have their final match.
  18. Ugh gross. Similar gimmicks and both babyfaces. No one wants to see either lose. Pass.
  19. I'm not actually pulling for that to happen, but I wouldn't exclude it just like that, though.
  20. Yeah word. I mean people have talked about that since Sting took on the crow gimmick.
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