Wrestlemania 17 links and match reviews.

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  1. First of all here are download links for anyone who hasn't seen the event or wishes to re-watch
    1) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LID9ST4J
    2) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TV3BURGL
    3) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4W9DWF2V
    Extract them using winrar or 7zip then play as normal.

    Just a quick review of each match is included below.

    WWF Intercontinental Championship
    William Regal vs Chris Jericho

    Pretty good opener I would have preferred it to go longer then the allocated 7 minutes however they did what they could. Jericho sold his prior shoulder injury well throughout. Jericho picks up the win. 2.5*
    Tazz & The APA vs Right to Censor
    How Tazz fell this far from his rumble debut still baffles me to this day. I know he was banged up but he could still go. Tazz suffered a legit concussion in this match after a clothesline from Bull Buchanan. Bradshaw cleaning house is always good to see the APA get the win after a clothes line from hell. 1* match for me just for the shortness of it.
    Triple threat hardcore match - WWF Hardcore Championship
    Kane vs Raven vs The Big Show

    This is a really fun hardcore match which sums up the AE for me just a good fun brawl. The spot were Raven gets thrown through the window is a very memorable moment for me. Plus the golf cart moment. Kane wins with a leg drop off the stage after a big boot to show and Raven off the stage as show had raven above his head. 3.5* match for me mainly due to Ravens bumping.
    WWF European Championship
    Test vs Eddie Guerrero

    Eddie wins in classic style with a belt shot after 8 minutes a decent match between two good workers. 2.5* match shame it didn't go abit longer.
    Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit
    This is an example of how a bad ending can ruin a good match. It wasn't bad by any means just no were near as close as their rumble classic. Angle wins with a roll up after grabbing the tights. I really enjoyed the opening with the two trading holds. I would have preferred it to have had a clean finish they had a good amount of time with 14 minutes.
    WWF Womens Championship
    Chyna vs Ivory

    A complete squash. Shame really Ivory was always a solid worker imo. Chyna wins after two minutes with the gorilla slam. 0.5*
    Street fight - Special guest referee: Mick Foley
    Vince McMahon vs Shane McMahon

    I liked Vince stiffing shane in the early going it really added to the bad blood of the feud.
    Some pretty good weapons spots just a shame this had to be yet another McMahon family feud. The match was overbooked to compensate for neither Vince or Shane being actually wrestlers plus it closed up some storylines pretty nicely such as Vince / Trish. The crowd popped like crazy seeing Foley attack Vince. Shane gets the win after coast to coast. 3*.
    TLC II - WWF Tag Team Championship
    The Dudley Boyz vs The Hardy Boyz vs Edge & Christian
    The best ladder match ever imo. Obviously this isn't one for the purists but alot of sick bumps such as Jeff Hardy's swanton off the bigger ladder. The inclusion of Rhyno, Lita and Spike in support of their respective team added alot to the quality for me. Rhyno boosts Christian up to unhook the belts. 4.75*.
    Gimmick battle royal
    Just abit of fun to give the crowd a chance to have a breather after the epic TLC match. Not going to give this a rating. Sheik wins.
    Undertaker vs Triple H
    The match that never happened well according to the WWE for the build up to wrestlemania 27 anyway. A decent brawl nothing exceptional however ref bumps shouldn't be involved in a wrestlemania co main event imo. Taker wins surprisingly via last ride after Trips was going for the 10 mounted punches in the corner. 3.5*. The match at 27 told alot better story for me.
    No DQ match - WWF Championship
    The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Quite possibly the biggest hype to a match ever two of the biggest babyfaces in WWF history clashing for the biggest prize in the industry. Austin gets a legendary reaction with it being in Texas. The match it's self is a pretty good no DQ brawl. Much better then the HHH Taker match imo. The psychology of Austin getting more and more desperate during the match adds to it greatly. The image of course everyone associates with this is a bloody Austin shaking hands with the devil himself Vince McMahon. Austin going crazy with the chair looks brutal due to Rock's selling. I just don't understand the reason for Austin to turn heel in Texas no one was going to boo him honestly. 4.5*

    Overall a really enjoyable PPV which sums up the AE imo a strong mid-card selection of matches and really enjoyable main event matches which sadly seem to always be brawls. For me the MOTN was TLC 2 it would have been Austin Rock but the crowds refusal to boo Austin took away from the monumental heel turn too much.

    Feel free to post your reviews for the show.
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  2. That TLC match was so awesome. Going to download this JUST so I can see that again. You're right, Austin's heel turn was pointless in Texas, but I suppose it's the biggest stage of them all and the best place to do it.