Wrestlemania 22 review.


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Continuing on with my review series.

Time to talk today about wrestlemania 22. I did 23 the other day now it’s time for 22.

Now there’s always been something missing from this show I don’t know what it is.. maybe this show was letting you know the trouble ahead for the company and was a sign of things to come with the whole John Cena push.

Match 1. Carltio and Chris masters vs kane and big show. About the best you can expect out of these 4 guys. (1 out of 4) felt like a raw match.

Match 2. Rvd wins money in the bank, not as good as 21. But I was happy for rvd, rvd is a guy who I really liked in 2002, 2003, but as the years went on I grew kinda tired of his stale act but I still cared about him enough here even in 2006, and was happy to see him win. (2 out of 4) decent match.

Match 3. Chris Beniot vs jbl. Kinda was what it l was. (2 out of 4) it was average.

Match 4. Edge vs mick Foley. This stole the show definitely the match of the night. This was a big time moment for an edge and kinda Mick Foley’s last great wrestlemania. (3 out of 4)

Match 5. Boogeyman vs booker t.
(1 out of 4) moving on.

Match 6. Divas. Don’t care.

Match 7. Undertaker vs Mark Henry. I kinda knew Henry wasn’t breaking the streak, the match wasn’t very good. but this was still a good spotlight match for Henry, it shows the company cared about him enough to have him wrestle undertaker. You would have thought that the company would have had big plans for him in 2006. Yeah so you thought.
(1out of 4)

Match 8. Hbk vs mr mcmahon. Not really much to talk about here, this was a fun match
(2 out of 4)

Match 9. Rey mysterio vs Kurt vs Randy Orton. The bulidup to this was so stupid, first rey wins the royal rumble but yet at no way out he loses his title shot to Randy Orton why is Randy Orton being inserted into this feud? Then on Smackdown teddy announces Rey’s going to get his title shot and it just threw off the whole dynamics of this. The match wasn’t bad but it seemed like the wwe did Everything they could to try to sabatoge this for rey. The buildup was crappy, but the match was decent
(2 out of 4)

10. Divas match who cares.

Main event. John Cena vs triple h. Now I knew going into this that there’s no way in hell hhh was beating Cena. But you could hear the crowd starting to resent at John Cena and even after the match he got alot of heat.. this was a sign of things to come and not in a good way..
(So 2 out of 4) it was decent.

This wrestlemania is average there was just something missing from this show.

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