WrestleMania Wrestlemania 28 Buyrate

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Snowman, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. ESPN is reporting (and it's been confirmed by numerous dirtsheets) that 1.9 Million people purchased Wrestlemania 28.

  2. 1900000 x 65....equals 123.5 million dollers
  3. I'm sure Vince is very pleased. That is just about double what they predicted.
  4. $65 in the US.
    £14.95 here.
  5. Highest buyrate in WWE/WWF history.
  6. The Rock+ Him beating Cena+ CM Punk as WWE Champion+Undertaker 20 at WrestleMania= Highest buyrate in WWE/WWF History!

    Other do the shoit that have been doing the past 3 year get then CRAP NUMBER!

  7. Smashed the record, absolutely smashed it. Well played WWE.
  8. Seems like Vinnie mac raised the bar for PPV buyrates yet again. Interesting to see if they think they can top it next year.
  9. I seriously doubt that. That seems way too high and it's already been said by Dave Meltzer that someone misheard and what they actually heard was 1.09 million.

    That said, it's way too early to know the buyrate for Wrestlemania. I'm pretty sure it usually takes a couple of weeks in order to get accurate buyrate numbers overall.
  10. I don't see how it's hard to see. Last years WM was the 2nd most bought Mania' and it had Miz vs Cena main-eventing. A lot of random, non-WWE fans purchased this Mania' for Rock vs Cena. It's a very realistic outcome in my opinion. Meltzer talks out of his ass most of the time.
  11. Rock being there last year also had a lot to do with it, and Rock-Cena might have been a bigger deal last year because it didn't even do as well this year in the ratings (I read that HHH/Taker/HBK segments were usually the highest rated on Raw.) And I think WM21 technically has the second spot for most buyrates, counting worldwide. WM27 is either third or fourth.

    As I mentioned, it usually takes a lot longer for accurate numbers to come through, more than 2-3 days, I know that.
  12. You read wrong, you should actually read the official ratings. Most nights HHH/Taker/HBK either drew poorly for the segment they were in or lost viewers if I remember rightly.

    Rock/Cena didn't draw good ratings either, but this buyrate is all because of them. WM Buyrate > Bad Ratings
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