Wrestlemania 28 no opening fireworks

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  1. Does anyone know why there wasn't any opening fireworks for the event this year?
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    I have no idea actually. They didn't have fireworks for couple of entrances also like HBK, no pyro for Kane, etc. Something to do with them being outside maybe?
  3. There was wasn't there? They had the birds eye view of the stadium releasing tons of fireworks. Not sure if it was the opener. Probably because it was still light at the opening mate.
  4. OP's nick reminds me of country called Trinidad & Tobago. So cool. :boss:
  5. I am from Trinidad & Tobago.

    I've never seen a wrestlemania without opening fireworks. Heard a rumour that it was a pyro failure. Wrestlemania 1-27 had opening fireworks and 28 nothing. hmmm. did something go drastically wrong in the last minute?
  6. I doubt it, they used them later in the night when it was dark. Here's a picture (poor picture)


    When WM opened though it was light, that's probably why. There were Pyro failures throughout the night though, most noticeably Shawn Michaels entrance.
  7. They never had pyro at the start of wrestlemania 28 because of it was to light at the time just to prove it look at Wrestlemania 24 opening waste of pyro at the start you could bearly see it watch the


  8. Probably because it was still light, either that or a technical failure.
  9. I know this is quite old, but just for the record, Bryan Alvarez (WO/F4W) said that it was because they spent half a million on pyro during the show, and the fact it was still lightish.
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