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  1. How did you feel about Wrestlemania28.

    Wrestlemania28 is one of the first WWE ppv's that I have watched live on tv. WrestleMania was great but seemed like it lived up to its hype. It is true that the three best matche's were Rock-Cena, Punk-Jericho, and HHH-Taker III.
    Best match on the card that I saw would have to be Triple h vs Undertaker III, one of the best wrestling match's that I have seen in WWE, so far. If I am not mistaken I believe that this match involved some edginess and blood. What made the match even more interesting was adding Shawn Micheals into the mix, micheals brought that extra drama to the match. Loved what creative did for this match, considering how micheals was between a Rock and a hardplace, stuck between his best friend HHH and a man was one of the those that he respected the most. This match surely had fans adrenaline going, and seemed to get the loudest crowd reaction of the night. Wether or not Undertaker or Triple h were your favorites, This match was the best selling one of the night that time. The biggest Con(bad part) about this match was how it took away from the Jericho-punk match, as it had took the life out of the crowd but that's usually a good sign, considering how good that match(hhh-undertaker3) was.
    CM punk-Jericho was good, Punk and Jericho are my one of my favorites. Even though I looked more forward to this than Rock-cena, Rock-cena was a better match, though I am not too big on John Cena. Rock used to be my favorite but after he became a Hollywood guy, it just wasn't same as attitude era Rock, well on the mic at least. But Rock did put on a good performance at wrestlemania28.
    It was all pretty good ppv. Nice to see Big show win the IC title but wish he did not have to drop it too soon. Kane-Orton was a pretty good match, Build-up to the match could have been better. Daniel-sheamus was shocking, though it may be stipud but its not hard to see why, for once I sort of see it WWEs way in what was thought to be a stipud move on their part. But this could be part of the element of surprise, match ended before it even began. Some people got humor out of this lol
  2. Big Show winning the title was not a good thing at all, Cody should have never dropped it to him. Punk Vs Jericho was better than HHH Vs Taker wrestling wise but the Taker match had more emotion, Punk and Jericho was better, Never been a fan of the HHH Vs Taker matches from Mania 27/28.
  3. Take away the backdrop of Wrestlemania and the whole spectacle feeling surrounding it and most of this card feels like just another PPV. I recall Austin himself saying that the first half of the show (up until the HIAC) felt average.

    The only matches I really enjoyed in the sense that I would re-watch them over and over were Punk/Jericho for the WWE Title and the "End Of An Era" HIAC match. Punk/Jericho wasn't quite as good as I had hoped (many said it suffered from the Perfect/Michaels syndrome from Summerslam 1993, in that you expect that putting a certain two guys together will produce an instant classic but it doesn't and only ends up averagely good at best) but it was still a fine match. The HIAC had excellent build going into the PPV and in terms of drama and emotion, to hell with Rock and Cena, it didn't get much better than this on this night. And no, I didn't care about it being between part timers. The build and the match and the aftermath (Taker, Michaels and HHH all leaving together) summed up the kind of drama that I love to see in pro wrestling.

    The Rock and John Cena's match was painfully slow and felt like it lasted the whole four hours of the event. The only thing I took away from this one was that Rock got the win, which very much pleased me, although we'd end up having to suffer through this feud all over again this year.

    A lot of people hated the 18 second WHC match and while I can see why, I'm not as down on it as others. I believe the quick finish would have been better used in the IC Title match between Rhodes and Show since it made sense given the angle (Rhodes mocking Show for never picking up a singles victory at a WM) and that match was also boring as expected anyway and Sheamus/Bryan had potential to be great but no huge deal to me either way. The point was to create a moment people would remember and they did that.

    Randy Orton and Kane was nothing special, just a match. It reminded me of Kurt Angle versus Kane exactly a decade before from WM18 in that you have two guys who aren't doing anything or being involved in anything significant but you definitely want both on the card so you just throw them together in a random match. Match was average, but I was at least pleasantly surprised by the finish, which saw Kane choke slamming Orton off the top rope and getting a clean pin.

    Speaking of throwing people together just because they don't fit in on the card anywhere else, the ten man or twelve man tag team match was a mess. It was part of the boring Gm versus GM feud and the only thing I recall about the match was that Zack Ryder ate the pin fall, which only showed how further down the totem pole that the previously hugely over Zack Ryder was falling by that point.
  4. The last 3 Mania's have all sucked dick. Let's just be honest.
  5. (Gotta get back to being all smiles, so what better way to distract yourself with a needlessly long diatribe about an old ppv? Ahh, the distracting memories)

    Its not good when a Wrestlemania (or ppv in general) lives up to expectations. It's worse when your expectations aren't high. It's even worse when you sour on it even more in retrospect. Every rematch at Extreme Rules was better than the Wrestlemania match, although that's becoming a running theme. It's really making WM look bad when you actually think about it. When I think Wrestlemania 28, it's immediately followed by how much better ER and the Raw after Mania were, as Dolph's will say.

    Enjoyed the first pre-show, with the Usos vs Kidd and Gabriel vs Epico and Primo. The preshow felt like it made Wrestlemania special, so then of course they added it to every PPV and it became pointless. There were only 3 matches on this show with any kind of build so there's no point in talking about them (except maybe Sheamus vs Bryan, unintentional top babyfaces ftw)... well other than Hornswoggle trying to Tadpole Splash like 20 people at once just for Mark Henry to reject him like a little bitch. hahahahaha that was classic.

    Then there's the three main events. Thought Jericho vs Punk didn't live up to the hype (and was completely overshadowed by the ER match), but that was a virtually impossible feat. Undertaker and HHH was awfully dramatic the first time you see it, but when you watch it back it's actually quite lousy. No real surprise there. I was in the minority who liked Rock and Cena, but my expectations were that the match would suck horribly and be really pointless. So it surprised me, they used nice psychology and stuff to offset their in-ring limitations. The finish was absolutely epic and got us all buzzing, remembered us talking about how it would be a great way to finally tear Cena down to build him back up... not knowing they would half-ass (more like one hundredth-ass) that.

    Despite not having much good to say about it, looking back on this show is surprisingly a fond memory. Remembering these days in early 2012 (and it only got worse) really makes you realize just how good 2013 as a whole (well, most of it anyway) has been.
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