WrestleMania 29 Main Event Possibly Revealed

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. According to PWInsider.com (via 24Wrestling.com), we can expect exactly that for at least the next year:

    The news gets even better, though, as the company has preliminary plans to give fans a rematch of the SummerSlam 2002 main event at WrestleMania 29:

  2. Pure speculation. Why can't I get paid to write this shit?
  3. HOW IS ROCK TO BE CHAMPION AS HE MAKING MOVIE! Brock would leavre next as he only has a 1 year contract! THAT NT GOING TO HAVE BEEN!
  4. This.

    Man, WWE would look so bad.
  5. WTH? Have the main event have one of the actual superstars that work their asses off for the main event not two guys who make appearances. I want Brock against someone who works all year round.
  6. isent mets stadium in New York thats were wm 29 is ?
  7. It's Metlife Stadium, which is the New York Jets/Giants stadium, but it's actually in New Jersey.
  8. So the New York Jets don't actually play in New York? Who came up with that genius scheme?
  9. Real estate in New York is fucking expensive as shit, so they play just outside of the state lines in New Jersey. Obviously keeping new york in the name is a marketing ploy.

    But yea, to get the land to build a football stadium in or around NYC would cost 10 X as much as it does in East NJ where the stadium actually lies
  10. how is any of this fair 2 any of the wrestlers who might actually get popular with the audience? Ziggler isn't getting a chance and neither is Cody. They should open the door to Triple threat matches, in case somebody gains huge popularity. Last I checked Brock Lesnar was a loser
  11. lol how is Brock a loser? He's excelled in everything he's done in life (outside of trying out for the NFL lololo)
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  12. well, cuz he's a quitter. I don't c the fascination with a guy who quits everything he starts. Guys jumping around 4 a guy who got his brains beat in the last 2X he fought isn't inspiring. He doesn't want 2 work, he doesn't care about the fans and when he's gotten his money he will quit again.
  13. Let's be fair to Brock. He was the world champion before he got fucked over by injuries and the disease diverticulitis.

    He didn't "quit" MMA, he retired, and for a very legitimate reason. Yea he quit professional wrestling 8 years ago, but so what? People act like these guys owe the fans something, which they do not. If he was unhappy traveling every day of the year and found a more suitable means to make a living more power to him. Now he is a big enough name that he can get a contract that is favorable for him and he can entertain us while not having to do 5 house shows a week or doing every single Raw/PPV. Again, more power to him.

    I understand your POV, but I really don't think he is here just for the money. The guy made plenty of money during his first WWE stint, and a TON of money in MMA. I TON. He was the highest paid MMA fighter in the world, bringing in like half a million per fight before even figuring in his sponsorship money.
  14. The thing is with Brock is he's a true once in a life time guy. No one matches his size, strength and agility. Not to mention his phenomenal technique. I get what you're saying he isn't in long term but neither is The Rock but the still make people mark because a lot thought we'd never see them in a WWE ring again.
  15. You r right, Dolph's but Brock is so fishy. He's too wishy washy. WWE is willing give him another chance and he still wants 2 work as little as possible. I appreciate that he's a family man, but two days a month is too fishy 4 me.

    P.S I disagree about not owing the fans, b/c without the fans buying PPV's he wouldn't have the luxury 2 retire so comfortably. All celebrities owe the fans something, but not everything
  16. True without fans no celebrity amounts to anything.. I just hate when wrestling fans act like all wrestlers need to be like the Undertaker or Cena and be nothing but a lifetime wrestler just because they want to watch them. It's selfish IMO

    If Rock wants to go make movies and he has producers who want to pay him to do so? Awesome
    If Brock wants to be a fighter and Dana White is willing to pay him to do so? Awesome
    If Batista wants to be a nobody and fail at everything he tries.. awesome
  17. We agree, here. One day Brock will realize every contract he broke will bite him in the behind. Rocky finished his contract and so did Dave. He's a very lucky man 2 live comfortably enough, when other ppl have it so difficult. The least Brock can do is show up happy and work more than twice a month 4 his fans

    Yea, we agree.
  18. I think the 'twice a month minimum' is just that, a minimum. Most months he will probably show up to most of the Raws and the PPV. It might just be wishful thinking on my part though.

    I imagine he just doesn't want to go through the hassle of working 3 or 4 house shows a week.
  19. Fair. I guess.

    I understand u both, now. I trained 2 wrestle b4 and its brutal. I wasn't cut out 4 it. Wrestling four days a week feels horrible. :upset::upset::upset:
  20. :laugh::laugh::laugh:
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