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    They're the guys that the campaign will focus on.

    So, no Bryan or HHH. I guess Del Rio and Henry are there for some diversity.
  2. What? Get Del Rio the hell off of there. Put Bryan on, and perfect
  3. I'd have put Daniel Bryan on there personally but meh. Just promotional posters, doesn't really matter as to which guys they choose to have on there. That big glaring Wrestlemania logo is the main thing that is meant to get people's attention.
  5. It's only about marketing.

    Cena = Recognizable, face of the company
    Orton/Punk = Supportig cast for Cena. Former champs. Somewhat recognizable
    Henry = black
    Del rio = Mexican
    Bork = Appeals to AE marks and UFC dudes
    Taker = Da Undataka!
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  6. If Del Rio's on there for the Mexicans, they why not just put Rey on it in his place
  7. The lack of Bryan is odd, yeah. Some people are saying he is legit getting overlooked on purpose (not just the poster, but in a wider WWE context) for some reason, possibly due to poor SS buyrates. In some way, I agree with it. His feud with Orton since SS was plagued by the interference of Big Show and HHH - at one point, Bryan just stopped cutting promos altogether. At the end of it all, he doesn't come away with the title. Now, he will lose to the Wyatts while being overshadowed by CM Punk.

    Remember RAWs in the summer, when Bryan would open the show and then main event it, with the whole arena YES-ing throughout. It certainly feels like he's gradually being moved down the pecking order.

    Sure, there are rumours that Bryan will win the title at WM or finally defeat Triple H, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him on the undercard, in a completely different angle at WM.
  8. Yeah, beating Cena clean means absolutely nothing.
  9. clearly not
  10. Are you fucking kidding me where is Daniel Bryan? that guy is so over Vince is a fucking asshole and cant see a good thing
  11. Doesn't mean he's gonna be on the card. If they're gonna put photoshopped Mark Henry on the poster than they're gonna put D-Bry on the card.
  12. Because being on the poster would blow Rey's knee out
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  13. I don`t like the idea of Del Rio in there, but whatever
  14. :happy::terry::jeritroll::lol1::bitw: Lol good point. He's the new Kevin Nash
  15. Henry looks badass.
  16. Thank GAWD he got rid of them awful corn rows or whatever the hell they were. Henry-rows? Either way, The Hoff thinks Henry's better bald :true: Bald is beautiful
  17. CM Punk hell yeah!!!
  18. ive beat cena many a times
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  19. He works a bit stiff in the ring, doesn't he? Oh Johnny Boy, Johnny Boy
  20. after you get him to quit showin off its pretty much down hill
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