Wrestlemania 30 info for an Australian :$

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by JPex_Predator, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Hey, me and a few mates are going to wrestlemania 30 next year in New Orleans. I have never been to a wrestling event in America before and I was wondering if anyone know the best website to buy the tickets or even when the tickets usually go on sale?
  2. They go to sale in Fall I think. As for experience, Dat Kid can help you.
  3. Alright cool as thanks!
  4. Make sure you buy everything seperate, and try to go to the local shows as well even if you've never seen them before such as Dragon Gate, ROH, hell even Shimmer. You may not know the characters but if you're a wrestling fan and you love wrestling, you'll love those shows.

    Buy everything seperate as in, don't buy one of their "packages" on wwe.com - they rip you off.
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  5. Thanks heaps. Yeah I would be keen to see some local shows, I've just recently started getting into the Art Of Wrestling podcast and they talk about those promotions. Cheers for the help we are so pumped for it!
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