WrestleMania 31 Beter Be Amazing

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by edge4ever, Sep 22, 2014.

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  1. Hey all,

    I am going to get the silver package deal for WrestleMania 31 next year....I keep saying I will attend at least one WrestleMania even in my life and I feel my time is now (no pun intended). I just hope and pray that this event is close to the excitement of this years Mania. I don't expect anything huge like a Taker Streak ending, but I hope that the future stars--Ambrose, Rollins, Reigns, and DB shine like never before. It also comes with a Raw ticket right after Mania....so yeah...my voice will be gone. lol. Have any of you gone to Mania? Or are you going to go? Please share what it was like.
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  2. That sounds really cool - and I'd say WWE are planning to build up a new star or two, just like how they cemented Daniel Bryan as one of the top guys at WM30 this year. I've not been but I'd say expect to see Lesnar losing the title to either Bryan, Cesaro or Reigns. Plus, Ambrose and Rollins will shine in their own matches, The Wyatt Family should challenge for the titles (which ever ones, possibly Bray going for IC while Harper & Rowan get the tag team gold), Cody and Goldust will hopefully have their big singles match and feud, plus there's always the chance for an old timer getting their last match (Austin, anyone) and guys like Ziggler should get some time to make their mark. Sounds exciting, hope you enjoy it.
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  3. I think a few members here have been to WM, personally I haven't.. I've actually never been to any PPVs although I would like to attend at least one of the Big 4, my top choice would be the Rumble, but honestly it really would depend on how close it was and how cheap the whole trip would be.
  4. I really hope all that you said does happen man.... I want my moneys worth lol. I just wanna see either Reigns or DB beat Brock....or have Reigns fight the Rock. Better yet, have DB fight The Rock....that'd be awesome.

    Then have Wyatt actually win this time...a big win.

    Have you been to Mania?
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  5. Agreed. I plan on attending a SummerSlam, too. But that prob won't be until 2016, maybe.

    The trip should cost me like $900....that's round trip. Tickets to Raw and Mania. And food card. etc.
  6. Yeah, I'd love to see that too. Although the last time(s) we saw The Rock, he wasn't exactly producing brilliant matches. Although I'd say this time we could have a great match.

    Wyatt winning big at WM31 would be a dream come true.

    Nope, never been :emoji_slight_frown: WM30 is the WM I'd most want to have been to, though.
  7. oh yeah....I agree man....Mania 30 was the best Mania ive seen. Simply because the opening match was amazing -- DB and Triple H. Then Taker losing. Never thought it would happen. Then DB winning the main event....I'm just hoping 31 can come close to this year.
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  8. If all goes well, I'm gonna try and attend Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas, Texas. The atmosphere in the AT&T Stadium should be off the charts, especially if they try to go all out and break their Wrestlemania 3 attendance record. It'd also be the first-ever live wrestling event that I've ever attended. But that won't be for another year and a half.

    As for Wrestlemania 31, you're looking at "The Beast Incarnate" Brock Lesnar finally being conquered by someone (Bryan or Reigns being the most likely candidates), Sting wrestling his one and only WWE match, the Undertaker possibly wrestling one final time, and HHH/Cena/Ambrose/Rollins/Wyatt/etc. all fitted on the card in some capacity. If the final card ends up looking anything like this - Brock vs Bryan (the ultimate David vs Goliath match), Reigns vs HHH, Undertaker vs Sting (double retirement match), Cena vs Rusev, maybe Ambrose vs Wyatt, Dust Brothers vs The Ascension, etc. - I'd say it's definitely gonna end up being a pretty historical Wrestlemania.
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  9. that sounds awesome :emoji_grin: hope you enjoy it
  10. I got lucky. The only WM I've been to was X-8 and the Rock/hogan match alone was worth the price of admission. Good luck to you.
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