WrestleMania Wrestlemania 31 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by CM Punk, Apr 21, 2014.

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  2. So pumped. Anyone going?
  3. Maybe. It's a 50/50 just like every year.
  4. Dude I'm so pumped for this. That Reigns/Cena match is going to blow the roof off the doors if it happens.
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  5. I agree. Real pumped for it.
    Same goes for Funaki Vs. Chris Jericho! [MOTY]
  6. Punk will main event since he's a part timer now
  7. Let's predict the main event:

    Mine is Dean Ambrose vs Cesaro in s 1-hour Iron Man match for the WWEWH Title.:yay:
  8. lay off the hard drugs and booze mate
  9. [​IMG]
    Sorry D'z had to use this.
  10. That's like asking Roadie to stop being annoying, it ain't gonna happen.
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  11. What'd I do this time?
  12. It's in Cali? Uh.......... nah.
  13. Stop crying, pussy.
  14. :badass:
  15. if you'll buy the tickets lol. I ain't paying for that garbage
    edit: and if you put out obviously
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  16. Roadster wanted me to let you know this thread is happening way too early.
  17. Honestly what the fuck is up with the logo? Lol, it's stupid subject but that's the worst WM logo i've ever seen.
  18. I want something a little bigger for the divas in this one.
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