WrestleMania Wrestlemania 31 from the UK

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. Wrestlemania 31 should be held in the UK come on WWE my country hasent had this huge PPV and I can gurantee it would sell out faster than the USA PPV's. This would be fucking awesome if Wrestlemania was in the UK the buzz about this would be huge think of the money Vince.
  2. the only issue is the time differance between us and the uk
  3. Time difference makes it a huge problem. Unless we hold it at like 1am UK time I don't see it.
  4. We had this thread before. We said the time difference is a big problem. Also, Vince couldn't make 'Murricans pay 60 bucks to watch WM31 at home because no one would pay that amount to watch a show so late...
  5. By the time Wrestlemania would be held normally, it would be 1am in the UK, and I think it's illegal to hold an event at that time.
  6. :no: Keep your smelly European hands off of our Rasslin!! :tough:
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  7. Vince is missing out on major bucks with taking Wrestlemania to another country fuck the time zone difference we stay up late to watch WWE shows so really Americans should watch PPV's early in the day it's not that hard
  8. Lots of threads like this. The fact is, this isn't happening, not for a long long time.
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  9. This,fuck off UKfags.:woo1:
  10. Population of the USA: 300+ million
    Population of England: 50+ million

    Who do you think Vince would rather appease?
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  12. Fuck you all. WM31 in Helsinki, Finland [​IMG]
  13. I think that there should be a WWE Pay Per View in England, but not Wrestlemania.

    Wrestlemania is too big of a risk to have in England, maybe a lesser Pay Per View like Night of Champions. If that went well than they could look into the possibility of bringing over one of the big four.
  14. WM31 Uzbekistan!

    Seriously now, it's WM, not the freaking Eurovision.

    Keep it in America.
  16. Thank you for that non existing video.
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  17. You certainly don't know any Americans :haha:
  18. That's all about business. Also, if British people want to see the show they're always welcomed in America so they should take a plane, pay the ticket and have fun watching WM live.
  19. There needs to be a tester show such as SummerSlam or the Rumble.

    Have the show start at 2est/7pm UK, finishing at midnight. Hell you could even do 3e/8uk till 1am UK.
  20. How is he missing out on money? Mania sells out 80,000 seat stadiums in the US.
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