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WrestleMania 31

Jonathan, Mar 21, 2015

WM31 betting
  1. Solidus submitted a new betting event:

    WrestleMania 31

    Place your wagers here...
  2. I feel good about my bets for the most part.. a few of them were more because of my personal opinion and not logical but hey who knows!

    Staying away from Rusev & Cena and Orton & Rollins for now but I might decide to play one or both of them depending on how they finish their build-up on Monday.
  3. Went for Lesnar over Reigns, Cena over Rusev, Bryan to win the IC title and Sting over Triple H. Might do more, but probably wait until RAW.
  4. I've got plenty of dough to bet on, guess I'll wait a few more days to gather a little bit more and then place a large amount on Reigns over Lesnar, Bryan winning, Cena, etc...
  5. @Solidus you have it closing at 11pm, Mania starts at midnight
  6. Pre show starts at 11 I think.
  7. Oh if you're closing it at re-show then it needs to close at 10, 2 hour pre show this year for some reason :dawg:
  8. Gotcha, I'm thinking the battle royal will be the pre show match.
  9. You think? I believe Sheamus is returning in that, that's the rumour anyway, I can't see them doing that on the pre-show, never know with 'E though
  10. I dunno, just in case though.
  11. No, the fatal four-way for tag team titles will be on the pre-show.
  12. Oh I didn't put up bets for that either.
  13. But will you?
  14. There aren't any odds yet.
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  15. Oh, I see...
  16. Cena and Bryan for the titles, Rollins to cash in, Damien Mizdow on the BR win
  17. The 4 way tag hasn't been "announced" yet other than the WWEN listing it under the information section.. I assume on Monday they'll make the official announcement which means the odds should be up probably Wednesday or Thursday I imagine.
  18. Bet against Cena! Come on WWE! I'll put a small bet on it too just because I imagine the odds would be stacked against Rusev. If they're not I don't know what the people who make the odds are thinking lol
  19. Never bet against Cena, he'll always overcome the odds. :zayn:
  20. Except at Fast Lane mwahahaha
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