News Wrestlemania 32 Location Announced!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Jan 20, 2015.

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  1. Wrestlemania 32 @ AT&T Stadium - Arlington Texas - April 3rd 2016

    It seems the Post I put up a while ago was true.

    But with this Full Conformation what do you think of this?
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  2. Well, that's the only way I would ever consider going to Texas.
  3. Congratulations I guess. Don't care to much, but its yall time Texas.
  4. It ain't a bad place at all and it's huge.

    They could easily have 80-100K people in there.
  5. Huge venue, terrible atmosphere like always
  6. 100,000 if WWE's having a good year.
  7. They're going to break the attendance record from WM3.
  8. 100k attendance flaunting is going to get annnoying at some point in the future
  9. The main event is announced too..... Super Cene will be taking on the entire roster in a "you're fired" match!!

    Cena will win and continue to entertain the WWE where he battles himself night in and night out!!!

    Can't wait!!

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  11. Buhahahahahhaha
  12. Damn, that'll be cool in that stadium next year, with that giant scoreboard overhead is a cool touch
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