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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by DBasher, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. So it looks, to me, like this will be the card for WM this year...in no specific order.
    1. Rock v Cena
    2. Punk v Jericho (WWE Title)
    3. Bryan v Sheamus (WHC)
    4. HHH vs The Undertaker HIAC
    5. i think Rhodes vs Show (IC Title)
    6. possibly Beth vs Tamina (Divas Title) even though theres talk of no divas match at all
    7. Primo & Epico vs either Truth & Kingston or The Usos or a triple threat (Tag Team Titles)
    i doubt that Swagger will have a match at all unless Ryder is healed by then, there will probably be a couple of random matches involving the guys from the chamber matches who don't have matches already or they will do some stupid battle royal for the #1 contender's spot of some title. I think HBK will either be the special ref or have something to do with the HIAC match and I have no idea what Kane will be doing.
    personally I'm not a fan of this card but theres nothing I can do about it lol
  2. Tag-team titles won't be on the card. MITB match s heavily rumored also.
  3. I think it's possible Kofi/R-Truth will win the tag titles and defend them against Ziggler/Swagger. I seriously doubt there will be a MITB match because the rumors are now officially saying that Laurantis and Long will have their own teams face each other (as I predicted), so there won't be much people left to be in a MITB match. This is what the card is looking like to me:

    Triple H-Taker
    Bryan-Sheamus (if Orton returns before then, he'll make it a triple threat)
    John Laurantis's team-Teddy Long's team
    Rhodes-Show (IC Title Match)
    Kofi/R-Truth-Ziggler/Swagger (possible Tag Title Match)

    Two other possible matches is Kane-Ryder and if there's any chance that Kharma comes back before WM, she might face Beth for the women's title.
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