WrestleMania Dire Card

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Roypresley, Mar 16, 2016.

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  1. I think the card for this Mania is Dire. What with all the injuries etc. How about this for an idea?

    2 of League of Nations in the ring bad mouthing America. Out comes Jack Swagger as the Patriotic American. After a beat down of Swagger, League of Nations challenge Swagger to a tag match at Mania if he can get a partner. He tries in the few weeks to get a partner. No success. At Mania it looks like the match isn't going to take place. LON are in the ring, Swagger is introduced. After making a bit of a speech he says yes I do have a tag team partner. The arena then echoes to the sound of OH IT'S TRUE IT'S DAMN TRUE. Enter KURT ANGLE.
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  2. Sounds good, I wanna see Kurt back for his final run in WWE and I think it's gonna be very soon.
  3. Oh, and welcome to the forum. :bodallas:
  4. Welcome to the forums, yo!
  5. Welcome! I think WM will pan out to be decent but not as good as Vince is expecting.. :smug:
  6. :ricardo:
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