WrestleMania in England!

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  1. WrestleMania in England. I mean, many people would love to see this being hosted in England. The only thing in my opinion is the fact that it's the time zone that's the major issue with this. If WrestleMania was hosted in London, England, I'd be booking the 3 front row seats. There's many arguments for and against this.

    Pro's: Huge crowd reactions, make history (first time ever), increase the fan base, give what the UK fans deserve, The NEW Olympic stadium would be a great place to host the event, great WrestleMania atmosphere.

    Con's: Timezone's which would effect the buy rate and all of that complicated stuff, The weather of the United Kingdom is not reliable, the broadcasting of the event wouldn't be sufficient enough.

    What's your opinions on this guys?
  2. Won't happen because of the timezones. You would have to start it at 2:00 in the morning because PPV buys are the most important factor.
  3. That's my point however the England crowd does deserve something. We should alteast have WrestleMania however WWE's all about the money and doubt we'd get anything.
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  4. I mean, I guess it could happen.. UFC has PPVs in places like Australia, Brazil, and Japan and start them in the middle of the night local time so the PPV times aren't messed up in the States..

    I wouldn't expect it to be Mania if you do get a PPV though. Something smaller is much more likely to be given the chance.
  5. It could work. WWE really need to look into it, the UK fans deserve something.
  6. Have it start at 11pm our time. It will only be 1 hour earlier start in America than it was last year and it will still easily sell out. Atmosphere would be scarily good.
  7. I know that the United Kingdom's crowd would blow the roof off with the reaction and I know they wouldn't disappoint. The United Kingdom fans are amazingly great. We deserve something for our dedication to the WWE.
  8. Well, trying small PPVs first would be a good idea.
  9. Production costs, travel costs and so forth wouldn't be so ideal for such small paper-view's because in my opinion I know we'd totally destroy the roof if we had a chance at WrestleMania.
  10. Wembley, not the Olympic.

    Won't be WM but we could host a Summerslam or something.
  11. People would much prefer the new venue.
  12. The others already said the big cons of this happening, but one B PPV in UK would fit, imo.
  13. I think we should have summerslam, atleast. :burns:
  14. As I live in Manchester, England I would fucking love it if Wrestlemania was held in this country but obviously the time zones screw this idea up which sucks as if this did happen I would be there front row no matter what. Its just a shame this will never happen. WWE really should do this its still a huge money maker regardless of the time zone thing
  15. WrestleMania is considered as a NFL type to America. It's the Wrestling's biggest event to be hosted on a yearly basis. I don't think WWE would turn a blind eye to the timezone and avoid the alot of the fans. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see if they did turn a blind eye to the timezone however they wouldn't do that, that's a no, no for them.

  17. It is a possibility so it doesn't mean never. Us UK fans will all laugh in your face when it does happen.

  18. It will not b/c then WM would be at 1 am for USA Fans! AS Vince will never do b/c it would not be live!

  19. They could still have it normal time for US fans. The UK fans are loyal enough to show up for a late night Wrestlemania as long as they got a Wrestlemania.
  20. Nah. Wembley is more steep, so better atmosphere. Holds 90k or something doesn't it? Also, it has a roof. A roofed massive stadium = best atmosphere in the world.

    Watch TNA in Wembley, it was amazing.
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