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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Jul 25, 2014.

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  1. If you could change the main event of any past WrestleMania. Which Mania would it be and what would be the match. An explanation for the match would be good too.

    WrestleMania 29 - Rock vs Cena vs Punk: At the time Rock, Cena and Punk were highly active at the same time. You would think after the #1 Contenders match on RAW that Cena and Punk would feud on about it into WrestleMania 29. Instead Punk got into a promo on Old School RAW with Big Slow, Sheamus and Randy Orton leading to a pretty ok match The Undertaker. Still it would've been in good IMO.
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  2. WM 18 - Rock/Hogan and Hall/Austin >>> HHH/Jericho.
    WM 11 - LT v Bam Bam.
  3. I guess HHH/Orton shouldn't have gone last.
  4. HHH said that he went on last because Vince thought the title needed to be the main event. 10 years later that rule was dumped out.
  5. Admittedly the WM 11 match was pretty good.
  6. Punk should be nowhere near the mainevent.
  7. You'll notice I didn't give a smart a** remark afterward. Bigelow was a beast.
    I didn't say to leave it off the card, just that it should not have main evented.
  8. Fair enough, but dear god the Diesel Michaels match shouldn't have been there.
  9. I wondered about that one myself, but the build to it was tailor made for WrestleMania.
    Given they were butt buddies for so long, with the turn, what else could WWE do?
    WWE was hitting the tank that year and it didn't help when they brought Pam Anderson's useless a** out there.
    Kevin Nash wasn't born yet so Diesel stunk it up for a whole calendar year.
    WM 11 had some great individual performers who weren't used correctly in the fashion they were.
  10. The championship wasn't defended in the main event of Wrestlemania 8 and 11 either. Neither did the main event of the first Wrestlemania showcase the title being defended but I'll let that slide since it was the very first of its kind. The reason Rock vs Hogan didn't go on last is because Hunter's enormous ego wouldn't let him accept that anything else on the card that year could possibly be more important than the story of him winning the WWF championship after returning from a serious quad injury. I even heard that HHH gave a promo after the show was over about how much the title meant to him and started lambasting a bunch of fans who decided to leave the building (seeing as how the show was officially over and all...) instead of sticking around to hear what he had to say. The fact is, some matches are just bigger than the title and Rock vs Hogan was one of those matches. It absolutely should have gone on last imo.

    Beyond that, about the only thing I would change is booking John Cena vs CM Punk to headline Wrestlemania 27 instead of Cena vs The Miz. Punk had reason to be upset over that shit, and all one has to do is look at Cena's face-off with The Nexus during the 2011 Royal Rumble match and see how big of a reaction it got from the crowd (although the crowd that night was hot for everything) to see how much people would have loved a full-fledged rivalry between the two. Plus, Punk and Rock cutting promos on each other during the build would have been awesome, and Punk would have gotten his Wrestlemania main event back when he actually deserved it.
  11. I always sided with the idea that the no DQ stip ruined it.
    The emotional investment bubbled over for HBK/Taker and Orton/HHH should have been a slobberknocker.
    Orton was pretty good at the time and HHH had come off a really good 2008.
    All the elements were there for a great ending to WM25, but the stip ruined it and it became anti-climactic.

    Orton/HHH were good workers but not all time great. They needed a no holds barred stip to put the cherry on top
  12. Agreed.
  13. I thought it was the right call to book HHH vs Orton as the main event of WM25. Sure, Michaels vs Undertaker ended up being the far better match in hindsight, but no one knew it would turn out that way going in. Heading into the event, Orton vs HHH and the McMahons was by far the hottest angle on the show, so it rightfully deserved its main event spot.
  14. Ad libbing during a promo sounds like something HHH's insecure a** would do.
  15. WM30 - Triple H (c) vs. Daniel Bryan
    WM29 - The Rock (c) vs. Brock Lesnar
    WM27 - CM Punk (c) vs. John Cena
  16. not the wrestlers fault the fans were stupid though

    it was a great match
  17. Given how the feud was the main one going in, I understand why it went on last, and as well it should. I wasn't a fan of the match mostly because that countout/DQ stip kinda killed it, if it wasn't for that surely HHH and Orton could've had a better match. I mentioned it mostly because in retrospect the show would've ended on a higher note hadn't it gone last imo but they did the right thing then.
  18. WM29 - CM Punk vs The Undertaker. I could see them using Punk's record-breaking title reign to push Punk against The Undertaker's epic streak to make a match that nobody could predict the outcome of. Imagine seeing Punk, who has just beaten The Rock (obviously outcome changed from RR) twice, take on the man who has never lost at WrestleMania... Can Punk retain the title AND beat The Streak? Or does The Undertaker win one more time at WrestleMania and claim the WWE Championship?
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  19. It would have been obvious that Undertaker was winning the championship. Not saying it would have been a bad idea (it was actually rumored to be the WWE Title match at WM29, although in that case the Cena/Rock rematch was still gonna be the headline match), but it wouldn't have been hard to predict the outcome of.
  20. Undertaker and Punk was like Gold to plastic compared to Rock and Cena, lol.
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