WrestleMania Wrestlemania Match Card and Predictions

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by JeebaK, Feb 9, 2012.

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  1. 1)Icon Vs Icon Match

    The Rock Vs John Cena

    [Winner=The Rock]

    2)The Streak Match

    The Undertaker Vs Tripple H

    [Winner=The Undertaker.Yes they should never let the streak end]

    3)Women's Championship 6 Men(Women?) Match

    Karma Vs Beth Phoenix Vs Natalya Vs Kelly Kelly Vs The Bella Twins

    [Winner=Karma/Kelly Kelly]

    4)WWE Championship Match

    CM Punk Vs Chris Jericho

    [Winner=Chris Jericho]

    5)World Heavyweight Championship Tripple Threat Match

    Sheamus [RR Winner] Vs Daniel Bryan Vs Mark Henry


    6)Six Men Money In The Bank Ladder Match

    Randy Orton Vs Wade Barett Vs The Miz Vs R-Truth Vs Hunico Vs Ted Dibiase

    [Winner=Wade Barett]

    7)Tag Team Championship Match

    Air Boom Vs Epico & Primo

    [winner=Epico & Primo]

    8)Intercontinental Championship : Brother vs Brother

    Cody Rhodes Vs Goldust

    [winner=Goldust. He Will celebrate with Booker T after the match]

    9)United States Championship Tripple Threat Match

    Jack Swagger Vs Zack Ryder Vs Kane


    10)Wrestler Vs Celebrity Match

    Big Show Vs Shaq

    [Winner=Big Show]

    11)Battle For The Raw GM

    Dolph Ziegler w/ John Leonidus Vs Mick Foley

    [Winner=Mick Foley]

    After Mick Foley Wins, John Leonidus says that its only half the battle, and now Mick has to beat John to be the GM.

    Mick Foley Vs John Leonidus

    [Winner=Mick Foley[New GM of RAW]]

    Stone Cold gives a stunner to John. We have a beer party with Stone Cold and Foley.

    After they leave, Vince Mcmahon comes and utters those special words to John Leonidus "YOU'RE FIIIIREEEED".

    12) Entertainment Tag Team Match

    Brodus Clay aka Funkasaurus & Santino Marella Vs David Otunga & Drew Mcintyre

    [Winner-Funkasaurus & Santino]
  2. I doubt there'll be 12 matches. No more than 8 or 9.

    Obviously there is Rock-Cena and Undertaker-Triple H. I personally think Jericho will win the belt at the chamber and walk in as champion against Punk at Wrestlemania. I also think Orton will win the WHC in the chamber and the title match at WM will be a triple threat (Orton-Sheamus-Bryan) when Bryan uses his rematch clause to get into the match.

    There's also a rumored Big Show-Shaq match. There was the rumored Mysterio-Sin cara match last year, but I don't think that's happening anymore. There will be some Divas match that no one cares about. Kane will probably end up fighting Zack Ryder. And whoever left will be thrown into the MITB match (Barrett, Miz, R-Truth, Kofi, Ziggler, etc.)
  3. I just don't see Rock winning at all.
  4. Rock's not going to win

    Cody dropping the IC belt to Goldy?

    these predictions are cooky
  5. That is interesting, what makes you think the Rock's not going to win? Its not like Cena needs a push or something.

    And tbh, i know the rock well, he wouldnt come back from retirement (though he never officially retired) just to loose a match, i dont see in any way cena winning this one.

    I really hope Kane wins the US title though, making him have a belt will make him more relevant again, and Jack Swagger pretty much sums up what the pg era is about.

  6. Rock winning buries the current product. There is no way Vince would allow his past star go over his current golden boy.

  7. Doesnt really matter people will be happier and more satisfied to see the rock win than cena.
    And like i said before, rock wouldnt come back to loose a match, he will win.

  8. If that's the case why didn't Hogan win at Wrestlemania 18? How do you know Rock wouldn't return to job? He's always been one of the best main event calibre talents for putting people over.

  9. Hogan vs Rock at wrestlemania 18 was a lot different than this match.

    At that time Hogan was a major heel and was dominant force. But wwe needed him to turn face and needed someone to end his heel reign, and they chose rock, the people's champ, to do it.

    However in this case, unlike hogan the rock 1) is not heel 2)is not having a major reign at wwe 3)wwe doesnt need anyone to end the rock's reign.

    The reason rock defeated hogan at WM 18 is because wwe needed a huge superstar to end Hogan's heel era. This is not the case with Rock. Rock is returning for just 1 match after like 7 years. Hence wwe will just use him to showcase his talents to attract more Attitude Era fans to this year's wrestlemania.

  10. So much wrong with this. They didn't do this to turn Hogan face. He was getting babyface reactions as soon as he returned. He wasn't a dominant force at all, hell he hadn't even wrestled on mainstream TV since WCW's close the previous year. They didn't need to turn him face it was an organic turn. The Rock is here to offer John Cena a character shift, which is exactly what you're saying Rock did for Hogan. They are similar. It's a generational clash and Cena will go over. Any other choice is ridiculous. Look at all the other passing of the torch matches. Hogan vs Warrior, Rock vs Hogan, Austin vs Rock at wm19. They all had the younger guy go over because it's good for business.
  11. You won't see Kharma. I've read it was just a one-time appearance. She won't be back for a few months.

  12. He was getting face reactions doesnt mean he was face, he was a heel, and he was a dominant force, he was still seen as the NWO guy, wwe needed to separate him from NWO hence the match and face turn, i believe he also got attacked by Razor ramon or someone, cant remember, after the match, rock and hogan teamed to take him out followed by handshakes.

    Rock vs Stonecold match wasnt about putting anyone up either, rock was at the end of his career by then.

    I just dont see how winning a match against rock can make him heel, if he goes heel it will be because of the zack ryder storyline not the rock storyline.

    And in anyways, i dont see a 4 move superstar like cena deserving to beat the rock in anyway possible.
  13. 4 move Cena? How many 5* matches did Rock have? 0. This entire storyline is the build up for Cena's character change at wrestlemania. The point I was making was Hogan didn't turn because he feuded with the Rock, he turned because of the positive reactions. Austin vs Rock was supposed to be a passing of the torch match as it was Rock finally beating Austin at WM. It was the end of Austin career. The passing of the torch from one to another.
  14. There's no chance Rock wins. As soon as Mania has gone Rock will be gone from WWE.
    It would make no sense to bury Cena, I mean, he's getting buried enough lately with this dismal Kane/Cena/Eve/Zack storyline.
    It would make no sense to the product to have Rock go over Cena.
    I see a Cena/D Bryan feud after Mania, IDK why.

    My match card would be:

    Cena/Rock - Winner: Cena
    (WHC Match) Bryan/Sheamus - Winner: Sheamus
    (WWE Match) Punk/Jericho - Winner: Punk (Wins the title from Jericho who won it at the EC)
    (Divas Title) Kharma/Beth - Winner: Kharma
    (6/8 Man, previous MiTB winners only match) Miz/Kane/Swagger/Bryan/ADR/Punk - Winner: Miz
    (IC Title. If Goldust loses, he retires) Rhodes/Goldust - Winner: Rhodes
    (Gimmick match) Big Show/Shaq - Winner: Shaq
    (Streak match. Taker wins, HHH retires. HBK Guest Ref.) HHH/Taker - Winner: Taker

    8 matches.

  15. Wait.
    How many 5 star matches did rock have? Apparently 75% of his matches were 5 stars.
    The one u named, hogan was rock was a 5 star match to start with. Otherwise he wouldnt have been as big as hes now, hes one of the biggest names in the wrestling industry, and he already was even before he got his first movie contract.

    Do u have any proof that Hogan turned because of the positive reactions? How do u explain the hogan rock handshake at the end if hogan turning wasnt pre determined?

    Austin vs rock wasnt any passing of the torch, it was just giving the rock what he deserves and drawing more fans to WM. It was Rock's 2nd last ppv match before he unofficially retired.

    In the end, i do have to realize that im arguing with a self aclaimed smark, who thinks tyson kid is a better wrestler than hhh. Nothing else to say. Go watch Mexican wrestling.
  16. You will see Kharma.


  17. [align=LEFT]World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment[/align]

    [align=LEFT]* 3/20/94 Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon (Ladder Match, WrestleMania X)[/align]
    [align=LEFT]WWF Intercontinental Championship[/align]
    [align=LEFT]* 8/29/94 Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart (Cage Match, SummerSlam 1994) WWF[/align]
    [align=LEFT]* 3/23/97 Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin (Submission Match, WrestleMania[/align]
    [align=LEFT]* 10/5/97 Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker (Hell in a Cell Match, In Your[/align]
    [align=LEFT]House: Bad Blood) WWF Championship[/align]
    [align=LEFT]* 7/17/11 John Cena vs. CM Punk (Money in the Bank) WWE Championship[/align]


    Were is The Rock there?

    Success is not an indicator of in ring talent and never has been in the WWE.


    Watch that and listen to the crowd reactions. Why keep him as a heel when it isn't working.

    Tyson Kidd is a better in ring worker then HHH and I doubt many would dispute this.

    You're right you are arguing with a self proclaimed smark and you know what I think? You're the exact same as me, you're a smark but you thought it would be fun to act like a mark to troll people or "get them mad". After all a smark is a member of the internet wrestling community which you are since you're on this forum. Not to mention you show knowledge of some terms which a mark would never know of.
  18. Umm what does 1 list have to do with anything? Ric Flair is the superstar who has the most nominations in that list, and i can bet u all my wealth that majority of the fans would watch a rock match than a flair match any day any time.

  19. :troll:?

  20. Nope, conduct a survey at youtube.
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