Wrestlemania Penis

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Dat Kid, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. I said it already but the WM 29 logo should be at the top of the site for today and users coming in would be able to click it to go to the live discussion. inb4 oh but we have it written already. No Negro. The image is to trick people to thinking there is way to watch WM here, but they actually get the live discussion instead, like a lure.

    Plus it just it'll just look nice. I mean we had shit for Christmas and Halloween. If we're a Wrestling forum why not have one for the biggest day of the year for wrestling. Just common sense
  2. You want a picture of a penis with WM on it? We'd need someone to do a logo pretty quickish either way, I'm for it tbh not sure Cynthio will be though.
  3. Like I can do graphics.
  4. Get Dave to do it.
  5. You have tons of people who can, put em to work
  6. Like who?
  7. I just put Penis because it's the only way to get Crayo's attention
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  8. Deathbane, Xanth, CM Punk all do grapics I think. Zach too.
  9. Xanth and I are working on something atm, so I doubt he'd want to do it. Lady and CM Punk might, but you'll need to ask them.
  10. @"Jesse Pinkman" @"Lady Deathbane" @Zach could any of you guys do this?
  11. Where are we adding the logo? Right next to WWEForums?
  12. I think it would replace the one we have currently with DZ, Punk and Roode on. Remember the halloween one? Like that.
  13. Get @"Lady Deathbane" for that.
    I'll try right now though.
  14. Describe it better?
  15. I'm guessing he means the Wrestlemania logo but mention the discussion thread on it or something similar.

    @"Dat Kid" WTF do you want on your penis.


    Something like this I just stole from Deviantart?
  16. I think this. [​IMG]
  17. The only reason I hate our top 3 superstars is because Matt is the only one who had the background.
  18. Give me a while, I'll give it a whirl.
  19. Thanks bud.
  20. To the right of it maybe or even behind it
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