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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Nobody, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. Really just a random discussion topic, but on the possibility of a low quality WM (once in a lifetime match volume 2, undertaker is going to win and we all know it, Fandango/Jericho could be the highest quality match, etc) Do you think it could lead to larger #'s and fan's moving towards The Impact Zone?

    TNA is on a roll right now, and has just started going on the road this month. So far, ratings have been quality, and Aces&8s has finally become interesting/BVD is gone. Will WM have a positive/negative effect on TNA's fanbase?

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  2. Not without TNA promoting themselves. WWE is such an American institution, it's the first thing that goes into people's minds when they think of wrestling. A lot of casual wrestling fans might not even know TNA exists and go with WWE cause it's always been there. If TNA start some aggressive marketing campaigns, maybe even a DX style WWE HQ invasion, then they could definitely bring in some new viewers who have grown weary of the WWE product. Imagine Roode, Aries, and BI "attacking" Stamford, it'd be fantastic.
  3. Yes. This has been my case
  4. That would be amazing. So if WM fails, TNA just needs to go huge. I say commercial with Old school hogan, stinger, Angle, Morgan, and other wwe stars they would recognize, followed by Storm styles roode aries park and show they are more than just #2. I get none of this will happen, but word of mouth alone will make some changes, and i dont mean give up WWE for TNA i just mean will a shitty WM influence people to TRY TNA.
  5. If people don't know TNA exists, people will just watch american idol or some shit and turn off wrestling altogether.

    Spike isn't even available across the country iirc.
  6. I was going to bring that up, i remember when direct tried dropping and i had to convince them i wasnt going to pay for them to take away channels to charge me more. Fuckem.

    As for american idol :pity: sad but true.
  7. They need an ad in which Joesph Park ESQ explains the reasons why the WWE fan should give TNA a try. They should run this ad multiple times during RAW and Smackdown. Before any of you say, "THEY WONT LET THEM ADVERTISE DURING WWE SHOWS!" You're wrong, they ran one last month during RAW.
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  8. I liked your post. Like-d.
  9. Not unless TNA goes on a massive marketing spree and gets of Spike. Spike is falling more and more on the list of most watched channels by the week (I think it is around #15 now). Spike is very kind to impact but Spike is currently going nowhere as a network.
  10. What networks do you think might bite?
  11. They need to end up on one of the networks in the top ten. AMC, FX or TNT would be ideal. But TNT is Turner country and he might be hesitant to give wrestling another go considering how it ended last time. FX if UFC land run by FOX and AMC just doesn't cater to the wrestling demographic/I have no idea how they would handle a wrestling product.
  12. If TNT picked it up i would mark so good. He has the money, and the know-how to handle what was wrong before. WCW made turner a ton of cash.
  13. The thing was Turner wasn't hands on with WCW. He didn't know what was going on backstage. Has he really learn't what went wrong since he wasn't active in handling it before?
  14. I mean i think he should have a good understanding of what went right and what went wrong. TNA doesnt need him to be hands on, just to help promote.
  15. Did Turner promote WCW other than when he was on WCW? I didn't watch but it seems to me from having watched the Rise and Fall of WCW DVD that they had their own marketing department that worked very well.
  16. That i'm not sure on, good point.
  17. Looking at the schedule, FX usually does a movie from 8-10, followed by Archer and Legit. Pretty sure Archer draws and maybe they can get a few viewers off of that.

    I'm not sure if TNT wants wrestling (it's supposed to be pure drama, pro wrestling isn't really considered that in the public eye) but they just show re-runs then too. From a business standpoint I'm not sure why you wouldn't want a show that draws a steady million viewers instead of just showing random reruns, but then again Impact is more expensive, but it also comes with built-in advertising with Direct Auto and whatnot
  18. Exactly. What do they have go lose from having a company that draws a steady viewing/has a chance to upgrade viewers based on your users during that time period also. You are bringing in over a million people during any given time, AMC i understand, but the others have nothing to lose as far as i can see.
  19. Hasn't TNA and direct cut ties? I haven't seen them as a sponsor other than for Lockdown for months. It seems like five hour energy has taken their spot.
  20. This and it isn't even debatable.

    Key is to promote the shit out of the product, regardless of the product quality.
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