Wrestlemania weekends best matches?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Apr 15, 2013.

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  1. Decided to make this thread in the other wrestling section since best match all weekend can include companies outside of the WWE.

    There was a lot of wrestling going on during Wrestlemania week/weekend. So there should be a lot of wrestling to chose from. But which match from it all was your favorite? which one was in your eyes the best?

    Now that I have watched it, I have to say that Okada vs Tanahashi from Invasion Attack takes the cake and it isn't even a competition. This is one of few matches I have called Epic since I started watching wrestling. Okada and Tanahashi are doing what Flair and Steamboat did in the 80's, as soon as they step in the ring together they cannot do anything wrong. I don't speak a word Japanese but I was hooked on the story of the match, the technical aspects and work rate were amazing and the end result had me marking like a small child. In my opinion you don't have to like puro if it isn't your thing, but you are doing yourself a disservice by not watching this match.

    what are your favorite matches from Wrestlemania/Wrestlecon weekend?
  2. From Wrestlecon, from what I've watched, Masada vs. Jun Kasai in a Deathmatch rules was fucking great. And the tag match featuring Tommy End two matches before Masada/Kasai was good shit too.

    Haven't watched the rest.
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