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  1. I was just thinking that since Kane has returned,he might end Undertaker's career and winning streak in Wrestlemania...

    Is this dumb or not?
    What do you think?
  2. Not dumb at all. It's very probable that Kane will face Undertaker this year (or HHH) but none of them will end the streak. The only time the streak MIGHT be ended, will be when they want to push a very young star into a future Main Eventer. But I can see Undertaker retiring with his streak intact, it's such a legacy now there's no point ending it to superstars who are in their forties.

    But as for Kane vs Undertaker, it's very probable. Since Kane destroyed Undertaker in his last run, and Undertaker returned but done nothing about it.
  3. I hope not the see Kane vs The Undertaker due to the match quality not being as high as previous years. I'd rather him face some one who can give him a 5 star match such as Jericho or Punk. However if we are talking true fantasy booking a feud against a psychotic Kevin Steen would be amazing imo. Plus I believe he could actually beat the streak.
  4. Yeah the match will be lower quality most definitely. I agree with Jericho, I wouldn't mind him facing Orton either tbh. Orton's promo's may be boring, but his facial expression/psychotic tweener character could make this feud epic. Orton also has been the top wrestler with Ziggler in terms of wrestling ability, he's put on some epic matches this year.

    Dream match would be with Jericho since no one is sure if he's going to return. Kevin Steen, I'd love to see it :emoji_wink:. Sting also! Never going to happen though unfortunately. Next year it'll be Cena vs Taker also, looking forward to that if Taker makes it there.
  5. I don't think the streak will ever be broken..

    And I pray to god Undertaker doesn't have a match with Kane..again. Their match at Wrestlemania the first time was great! The second one was alright but wasn't to good... Like it was stated above I would rather him face and young start with lots of talent! CM Punk would be a good choice and so would Daniel Bryan imo. Both of those guys are amazing and easily some of the best in the world.
  6. Yeah I too think the streak will definitely stay intact. Unless The Undertaker tells Vince he wants to give it up to a young superstar to push to the moon, but otherwise it'll stay. He'll probably face Cena next year. I wouldn't mind Punk or Bryan this year, because it'd probably be the best match ever in WWE history, but the history isn't really there. I'm just really hoping it's not HHH again like they've been hinting, because the match itself wasn't superb in comparison to the HBK matches, the history isn't that great (I know, 2 massive superstars with not an overly amount of history); and 3 matches with the same person means this match will mean nothing, if HHH wins it's 2-1 Undertaker in terms of match results. If the dead man wins, it's 3-0, pointless.