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  1. Okay so i am just wondering at wrestlemania we haveTaker vs HHHRock vs CenaDB vs Sheamus (WHC)Jericho vs PunkPossible MITB
    now lets say Dolph Ziggler wins the title this sunday Jericho and Punk can still go on to fude for a "best in the world" match i don't know i think i would prefer that tbh at least that way ontop of the card i have just said we would still ave a WWE title match with plenty time to build towards a match after EC it could work what do you guys think?

    if Dolph does not win i am certain he will win the briefcase in the MITB match
  2. I want the "Best in the world" clash to involve a title, because it acts as the reward, the prize for winning that match. Sure you can be called the best in the world, but I prefer the physical prize (the championship belt) to symbolize that, help bring some prestige to it.

    Dolph I initially thought was going to face Mick Foley, but if he is in the MITB match I think he or Rhodes (if he's in it) are winning it. No one else.
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  3. oh a match i forgot Cody vs Goldust D: so yeah looks like dolph will win MITB if what your saying is right my only problem with the title is jericho is only here for a small time and like the rock if a title was involved it may spoil the outcome

  4. I think Jericho might be here until Summerslam, and even if it is that short of a reign, at least he's at every live show and house show. Can't compare that with The Rock for example.

    I think they've scrapped the Goldust story-line for some reason. :emoji_slight_frown:

  5. yeah i guess and i hope he is haha who knows that could even be the rocks opponent but its been done before i would prefer to see the rock put some one over at summerslam jericho ahh man i dont know i think i just want to see dolph as champ asap
  6. CM Punk will retain at EC, Jericho will win it at WM, and hold it until SummerSlam, where he will then lose it, and use that as a way to get out of the WWE, yet again, to go tour with his band.. I'm 99.9% sure on that @[seabs] and Crayo.
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