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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by AzzaaHandd, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. Hey
    I really want to go wrestlemania 30 with VIP package and the price goes down when you order with other people was wondering if anyone would order their tickets with me? Please let me know ASAP
  2. I'm not sure how many people here are going, but good luck.
  3. How many people are you going with?
  4. i would if i could but i can't so i sharn't
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  5. I would, but it's not in my country!
  6. + it's 4494.378 miles away from my house
  7. I may go if I've got the free day at job, I'll inform you. I'm sure going to this year's one
  8. You got your ticket for this years?
  9. Maybe one day they'll hold one in England, actually just any of the countries in the UK and us Brits will be able to go!
    That or I need to save up for about 3 years and eventually make it to the USA...
  10. Of course, I bought it the first day tickets were released =).

    Wishing to be there =)
  11. Ah, was just thinking if you were saying that because you were going to buy them very soon, as they're almost sold out.
  12. I know, but if I have no ticket eBay helps a lot also
  13. If you want to pay like 10x the price :dawg:
  14. That's the bad thing of all... But some people do only to assist to the event
  15. Im going to WM30. What does the VIP package come with & how much is it going to cost me roughly
  16. WrestleMania XXIX is only five weeks away and we basically have nothing for the card.:upset: But we can fix that. Here's what should happen IMO.

    Cena defeats Rock in a 30+ minute match and gains Rock's respect

    Del Rio defeats Swagger after a brawl between Coulter and Ricardo and both get ejected. After the match, Swagger attacks Del Rio and Ziggler cashes in to win the title even after Del Rio almost pins him.

    Punk defeats Undertaker in a big match after The Shield interferes, but someone gets a Tombstone after the lights go off and PUNK hits a GTS to win

    HHH beats Lesnar in a HIAC match for control of the WWE with HBK and Vince in HHH's corner and Heyman and Johnny Ace in Lesnar's corner.

    Those are just the 4 major matches.
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