Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Tzesi, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. Haven't watch WWE for such a long time, mainly because I didn't have the time to.
    So what's the storyline behind Orton and Kane?

    P.S Everyone will be like "WTF" if Undertaker loses. :gusta:
  2. There isn't one beyond Kane attacked him and Orton being teh unhinged psychootic vipa wants revenge.
  3. It's mainly because of last summer where Kane shook Ortons hand after losing to him which Kane is pretty mad about I guess.

    They had such a small build-up to their Wrestlemania match so I really don't care.
  4. Kane fought Orton a year ago and lost, after he shook hands with Orton (Kane was a face at the time). After flopping against Cena, he randomly attacks Orton and that's been the whole feud. 3 weeks in a row Randy has RKO'd Kane I think and Kane will be buried at WM.

    Welcome back Tzesi, we've missed you.
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  5. Oh shit, Kane :emoji_cry:.
    Oh well I think it's time for retirement.

    Anyway is WM like tonight?

    I've missed you too <3
  6. Wrestlemania is on Sunday! :emoji_slight_smile:

    Be in the discussion thread.
  7. KANE WILL WIN AT WM28!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Be prepared to be disappointed Randy as there is no way Kane is winning.
  10. What will you say if Orton wins?
  11. What me an my friend said in the pick video that he is backstage poital jack ass like alway!!!!!!!
  12. How is he? He puts people over. Orton deserves more. He was by far the greatest wrestler in WWE in 2011 with Christian.
  13. IF HE HAD ANY RESPECT FOR CHIRSTIAN! He would have let him keep the World Title long then 2 day! It his ego that piss me off! He does not out anyone over unless wwe fouds him to like with Mark Herny. Or he lose be the he vs. cheat! That only! B/c Orton has to have HIS OWN DAM WAY! And if you still don't get then you never will! BUT WHAT SAYING IS THE DAM TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Christian had a month reign also, after main eventing with then the 2nd biggest star when he was in a tournament to be the intercontinental champion before. Christian through the summer was SD's top heel. Orton did him some good imo, I'd have loved him to have a longer reign but it lead to great matches. Also who else could Christian have feuded with as a face? Sheamus was in the dog house and Henry wasn't ready.
  15. Christians 5 day championship run sucked sure, but it was used to turn him heel. Stop making it seem like Ortion controlled that, the writers are responsible. Christian was probably fine with it too.

    Christians feud with Orton was the best of 2011 probably, and it put Christian over as a legitimate contender. The matches were quality.
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