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  1. If Brock/HHH is the co-main event, ahead of Punk/Taker, then the two main events for Mania 29 will both be rematches. How sad.

    There literally isn't enough top stars to have fresh main events of Wrestlemania, how far down this company has came...
  2. Or people need to STFU about rematches and enjoy what is in front of them.
  3. The best feuds are generally rematches imo.
  4. They're also matches we've only seen once... And technically, Punk/Taker is also a rematch. They fought a couple of times in 2009 as well, though it's a fresher match, of course.

    I do prefer that aura of people clashing for the first time, though.
  5. I'm pretty hyped to see The Shield at Mania, even though they're probably gonna get buried by Ryberg, Lameus and Blandy Borton. Cena vs Rock only bores me due to predictability (I'll be suprised if the Rock gets hurricarana'd though).
  6. Wm 17 had Austin Rock rematch, HHH Taker rematch, the TLC was a rematch... Your point is?
  7. HHH Taker rematch? You mean this year? That wasn't one of the main events.

    My point is Wrestlemania main events should be fresh matches, not something we saw the same time last year.
  8. It is not that rematches are bad, but if the first matches were not so great as they were hyped to be, why go for rematches?
    If Rock/Cena was truly "one of the best ever", I wouldn't mind seeing it again, the same thing goes for HHH/Lesnar, You only go for rematches at WM when the first match is so great, which is obviously not the case.
  9. I want to go wrestlemania 30 and i want to buy VIP package but it's cheaper if you order with other people, can I order with anyone?!
  10. Although we don't like these matches, it'll make the WWE money, so they shall do it.
  11. WM 17/27/28 they were heavily promoted as one of the main matches on the card,why are you crying about re-matches like they're a new issue? You wouldn't have run with HBK/Taker twice? Hogan vs Andre went back to back Manias... Kane vs Taker was a mania rematch as another example although not back to back admittedly. It's not an excuse to hate on the current state of the product when it's happened throughout, hell Austin Rock would have probably mainevented WM 2000 in some form if it wasn't for his injury(speculation admittedly, but you must admit it is logical)

    Also Brock and HHH have never wrestled at Mania before so that complaint is irrelevant to your OP.
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