Wrestler on the Hot Seat?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Kassius HoHo, Jan 30, 2014.

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  1. The past few days I've been watching some preview trailers for Kevin Steen's the Kevin Steen show. It's awesome friends of his from ROH or even PWG are able to lay it all on the line, and say what they feel about their lives whether discussing about getting released by a Wrestling promotion recently, or wild sex stories from on the road over the years.Each person he has on their show gives off a different energy, which got me thinking if I had to interview a Wrestler past or present, whether they are alive today or Wrestling high in the sky who would it and why? I would say Ric Flair, now many of you know I'm a huge mark for the man and I think if I were to have the honor to meet him and interview him, with some booze he would spill the beans.Did anyone see how he acted during the segment during around the time of Summerslam? WWE was promoting WWE 2K14 involving the WM, and all the Wrestlers at the panel were talking about the importance of WM in Wrestling? Easily Flair was drunk before being on stage, and I think I could get loads of entertaining from Flair.One bad side though, from hearing stories from A.J Styles lately, it seems when you are with Flair..you are drinking no matter what?! I'll end of telling Flair sorry sir I don't drink, and he would probably snap lol. Who would you like to interview if you had the chance?
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