Wrestler rating series #1 - CM Punk

How would you rate Punk as an overall wrestler on the scale 1-10?

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white crow

The Artiste
Let me know would you like to see threads like this from time to time in this section. I want to see some smarks’ opinions on certain wrestlers - current, legends and alumni. If you find this boring or plagiarizing towards some other member’s idea tell me in a post and I’ll stop.

Basically how this should work is you rate a wrestler’s skills on a scale 1-10 while considering his in-ring ability, presence, charisma and mic skills. You can also consider anything else you find to be important for making a good wrestler. If you have some extra time tell us in a post why exactly you rated a wrestler with a grade you chose, what you like and dislike about him etc.

I wanted to start with CM Punk since he’s my all time fave, but if you would want to see a thread about wrestler of your choosing let me know and I might make a next thread about him/her.

Also, if you find this rating system unsuitable or unprecise, suggest something else and we will try it in possible #2.

Grievous II

Is Unretrofied For You
I can't vote as I've never seen him wrestle.

In fact my only exposure to Punk is that
I listened to the "infamous" podcast he
did with Colt Cabana...which did make
me laugh & cringe in equal parts.

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