Wrestler Rating Series #1 - CM Punk

How would you rate Punk as an overall wrestler on the scale 1-10?

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white crow

The Serbian Butcher
Let me know would you like to see threads like this from time to time in this section. I want to see some smarks’ opinions on certain wrestlers - current, legends and alumni. If you find this boring or plagiarizing towards some other member’s idea tell me in a post and I’ll stop.

Basically how this should work is you rate a wrestler’s skills on a scale 1-10 while considering his in-ring ability, presence, charisma and mic skills. You can also consider anything else you find to be important for making a good wrestler. If you have some extra time tell us in a post why exactly you rated a wrestler with a grade you chose, what you like and dislike about him etc.

I wanted to start with CM Punk since he’s my all time fave, but if you would want to see a thread about wrestler of your choosing let me know and I might make a next thread about him/her.

Also, if you find this rating system unsuitable or unprecise, suggest something else and we will try it in possible #2.


Terminator Oscillator
I can't vote as I've never seen him wrestle.

In fact my only exposure to Punk is that
I listened to the "infamous" podcast he
did with Colt Cabana...which did make
me laugh & cringe in equal parts.
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Moist Nephew
I'm not a Punk fan, haven't been since 2012, but I'd be a damn fool if I say he's anything less than a 9. He's got everything, the look, the voice, the charisma, the moves. He is a natural born main eventer. Why nine then? It's odd, he may be so good, but for some reason he's never really been the main character in my eyes. He's like Vegeta, prominently featured, extremely important, and in many ways more likable than, but he isn't Goku. CM Punk was second to Edge, second to Cena, second to Daniel Bryan, ect. The only real time he was truly the top lasted for like, three months, then was immediately scrapped so he could go to some B plot

You could argue he's a ten, only his booking is a nine, but for me personally I've never really wanted him to be the main character. At one point, he was my number two favorite (ironically), and even then I didn't think he should above other main eventers like Batista and Taker. ECW was like the one time he was the man, and even then he still played second fiddle to Christian

The Sheik

The Architect
6/10, nothing special.. He can cut a killer promo once in a while and have decent matches here and there, but he was still boring as fuck.


The Artiste
Wrestling ability: 8/10
Promos: 8/10
Charisma: 7/10
Personality: 9/10

Overall: 8/10

Probably the most consistent wrestler as far as character work and promos go around the 2009. - 2014. period. He flourished both as a heel and a face, and had one of the most underrated heel runs in 2009. The biggest problem with Punk was that no matter how great he performed, he was always overshadowed by Cena booking wise, even when he had the title.
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Solid Snake

ɪɴғɪɴɪᴛᴇ ᴄᴀᴛ ʟɪᴛᴛᴇʀ

He knew how to play a heel and a face really well, his skills were always improving in the ring, and he was solid for the most part on the mic.

With that being said, the dude still comes off as a total prick irl.
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Suplex Idol

Master of the Suplex

He knew how to play a heel and a face really well, his skills were always improving in the ring, and he was solid for the most part on the mic.

With that being said, the dude still comes off as a total prick irl.
And because you his Pay Attention Gif a lot as well


The Game
He’s a 10/10. One of my all time favorites. Truly a complete package.

Wrestling: 10/10
Mic: 10/10
Heel: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

There was nothing punk couldn’t do perfect. He made the Cena feud amazing. He made the rock fued amazing. He made the taker feud amazing. He made the Brock feud amazing. He made the shield amazing. He was the only guy to truly rival Cena. He’s the fucking man, whether you like his whiny ass or not.

Mustafar Reginald

The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
Well, I guess I got to give Punk a 10/10 since he's probably my all-time favorite, he's at least in the top three with Shawn (who was number one until the Saudi match) and Asuka (who I miss being pushed legitimately deeply). He was actually an early favorite of mine too, since I started watching a couple months before his debut. I still remember the vignettes and watching his debut against Justin Credible. I immediately attached to his character, probably because the Straight Edge lifestyle was something I basically already established, and in a way, he was kind of a formative experience for me. Like, I was already in that direction anyway, but I definitely didn't know there was a buzzword like "Straight Edge" I could say to immediately let people know I wasn't going to be fun at parties, and it was helpful to reaffirm my decisions. I even quickly became more Straight Edge than Punk himself since I ditched caffeine pretty quickly after finalizing on living drug free, because yeah, caffeine's a drug.

Also, probably my favorite moment as a wrestling fan revolved around CM Punk. So it was 2011 and I was not caring about wrestling but I still stayed on wrestling forums because I need distractions so my finger was slightly on the pulse of what WWE was doing. I even checked out some of the R-Truth stuff because his heel run was getting a lot of praise and my god, I hated every second of it. So that didn't help me get back into WWE, but then Punk was going to be the number one contender for the championship, and Raw Roulette was coming up with Shawn Michaels. My interest was piqued but I didn't plan on watching it because I didn't sleep the night prior so I just went to bed after school. For whatever reason, I woke up about five to three minutes before Raw started, and since my guy was in the championship picture, along with Shawn & the Roulette, I decided "What the hell?" and watched. It was a decent show until the ending minutes where CM Punk lit the entire wrestling world on fire in a way I could've never anticipated, and in like six minutes he sparked my passion for wrestling at an all-time high. With that context, I don't think it'd surprise anyone that I consider that my favorite promo ever.

Outside of that personal context, he's one of the greatest on the mics, he does have a tendency to stumble over some words (he even does this in the aforementioned favourite promo ever) which is a problem I don't feel is ever really acknowledge but his strengths on the mic far make up from that. He was one of the most believable and real on the mic ever, and he did a fantastic job expressing any of his character, from the straight edge cult leader to the straight shootin' rebel we got in his peak. In-ring wise, he's honestly probably the worst out of my all-time favorites, but he's still great. He's had several great matches, my favorite being the Extreme Rules Street Fight with Jericho. The biggest problem was his booking, it's a damn shame that they basically never let him go over clean on Cena (Cena lost to him once because Kevin Nash came out to the stage and Cena got distracted enough for Punk to hit his finish in win, which is a dirty victory although personally, Cena's the dumbass who had Punk beat then looked away for a good amount of time so that feels pretty clean to me but whatever), at least considering how Cena would start losing clean more regularly just like two years later. CM Punk could've and should've been handled a lot better, the only reason I wasn't raging as hard over his booking because around the same time WWE was making it their mission in life to destroy all the popularity Ryder worked his butt off for. But him losing the WWE Championship to The Rock always stung too, and I think that was the moment both of us kinda tuned out of wrestling. Echoing my experience getting in before Punk, I ended up completely detaching from WWE like a month or two before he left, since after Mania XXIX (which was an awful show overall) my interest completely evaporated but I kept watching the PPV's just because I decided I was going to review all the PPV's that year on here and I'm stubborn. I completely tuned out of the product for like years after that.

So yeah, gotta give him a 10/10.
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Killer Orange Cat

Quiet You
With that being said, the dude still comes off as a total prick irl.
There is an explanation for that. He is a prick.

However, I love him. An absolute 10. His match with the Undertaker stole the show at that Wrestlemania. He transitioned from a heel to a face and back and it was seamless. His character just was perfect. 10 10 10 10 10


Main Eventer
9/10. Not the best promo guy but one of the greats. Been invested in every storyline he was in since when I first started watching until when he left. Can't remember a bad match, but then again his top match aren't on the same level of the best matches of guys like Styles, D-Bry and even Seth Rollins.

But a major prick outside of kayfabe
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A great wrestler, a great entertainer, not on the level of great athletes like Bret, HBK, Hennig, Eddie, Angle, Jericho, Benoit but he could always deliver. We will never know how far he could go had WWE not botched the Summer of Punk but I was never a fan of "what if" scenarios and only care about what happened. Like I said, a great athlete but the way how he left WWE made him somehow overrated. 7/10
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