Wrestler Rating Series #11 - Daniel Bryan

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white crow

The Serbian Butcher

YES! YES! YES! Since I've just finished the 2k19 showcase let's see what the WWEF crew and Crow thinks about this great wrestler.

Arguably the best in-ring skills this industry has ever seen, and if not THE best then definetely in the top 5. One thing is for certain and all wrestling critics agree on it, and that is that Daniel Bryan is the best technician in the history of the Great sport and thus he's ranked as technician of the year for 9 years in a row by WON. He's technics are just out of this world, Regal was his trainer just to become insanely inferior to his student after he made it big, or even before it's better to say. Besides being the technique god, Bryan is almost equally good with submissions, true submission specialist and the guy that made them look the realest out of any other guy in the bussines. High flying skills are also pretty good in this guy and probably some of the best when it comes to tecnhician/submission specialist wrestlers performing them. His grappling skills are also class A although since he's a smaller guy in that field he's inferior to some similar style wrestlers such as Benoit, Angle, Guerrero etc but it's completely understandable, you can't sell the best German suplex when you're small. Chain wrestling skills also on point, fuckin perfect almost. Not to even mention Bryan's movesets which are some of the best and the most unique sets of maneuvers this bussines has ever seen. When it comes to quality of matches he's on the same rang as AJ Styles, Cena and Punk. Some of the best late PG Era matches belong to Bryan.

When it comes to non-wrestling abilities charisma is his highlight. When you get entire venues on the biggest wrestling events chanting something as simple as "yes!" solely because of you, you know you've got something. In this era he's one of the charisma goats together with Punk and Cena. His mic skills are above average, not close to Punk's or anything but still good. It's unusual to see any technicians of his quality that are good on the mic and close to his talk skills. Just look at Angle, Benoit or Regal, that was their biggest weakness but not Bryan's at all. Although I don't consider his character work to be something special, regular wrestling crowd is crazy about it. Both "yes!" and "no!" Daniel Bryan were off the charts when it comes to crowd reaction. And yeah, that also means that Bryan is excellent both as a face and as a heel. His character work was and is simple, it's just that. But it seems that something simple and catchy works with pro wrestling crowd, thus "what?" chants are over too. Simple yet objectively amazing character work is a part of the things that got over both Bryan and Stone Cold. When it comes to Bryan's presence it's well established with his persona. That bearded hairy face together with typical technician look really worked for him and it is in many ways ideal.

No second thoughts in this one when it comes to my grade, it's an upfront 10/10. It's weird when you think about it, but Daniel Bryan might actually be somewhere in the top 10 greatest. He's full package in almost every field - in-ring, charisma, character work, mic skills. He's mic skills are not THAT good but better are not needed for his persona. Yeap, objectively same grade as Shawn Michaels and it's not a shocker at all.
Tell us what you think about Daniel Bryan and feel free to make your vote official in the poll.


The Showoff
The American Dragon got me hooked on Ring of Honor back in the day. His feuds with "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniel and Low-Ki was memorable. I loved his 60-minute time limit draw against Colt Cabana for the ROH title. If he can have a great match with the comical, funny Cabana then he can have a great match with just about anybody. One of the founding fathers of ROH took a small, flegdling company and helped turned it into a major wrestling promotion.

He's won numerous awards with Wrestling Observer Newsletter, as well as he should. He was always a huge draw and loved by the crowds on the indy scene. Whenever he was choking his opponent, the referee would count "1-2-3-4" and Bryan would retort, "I have until five referee!" The fans would say his famous catchphrase along in unison.

Given his success in ROH, WWE, and his comeback from retirement to continue wrestling and still be popular with fans after all these years, it's easy to score his career a 10 out of 10.
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Grievous 3D

Is Currently In Stasis...
I have to be honest & say I haven't seen much of Daniel Bryan...
but what I have seen I've really liked.

Bryan appears to be one of those wrestlers who can take
whatever he is given & somehow make it work...which is
a true testament to his talent.

The guy is a proper "wrestler" & he kind of reminds me of Bret
Hart...but with for more charm & charisma...& a wicked beard.

It honestly feels like the WWE never truly capitalized on how
"over" Bryan has been at certain times...but then his injuries
may have also put the "kibosh" on whatever plans the WWE
did have.


Main Eventer
He has the technical skill, the promo ability, the ability to get the crowd to sympathise with him but also has the ability to make the crowd hate his guts. He has great feuds with Miz, The Authority, The Wyatts, and his tag team with Kane was great.

He is selfless too, putting over guys like Ali and Murphy, and taking wrestlers like Rowan and Gable (he calls Gable his son backstage/Gable calls D-Bry his dad (Jacob wishes he was D-Bry))

Pretty much all his matches have been 3.5 stars or more, with only a handful of exceptions.

10/10 so glad he was able to come back from injury not once but twice


The Game
He’s technically one of the best, on the mic one of the best, and overall just entertaining. He’s honestly like a Shawn michaels to me: he can do anything, heel or face.

one of the best feuds I’ve seen in recent times was at mania 30 when he won the titles. His recent run when he turned heel and then fought Brock was golden. The guy is gold.

I prob should give him a 10/10, but I settled for a 9/10, only because I’m not sure if he’s as perfect as a Shawn michaels, but if anyone is close enough, it’s DB.


Main Eventer
Well Shawn Michaels did train him, and look what Shawn had to say about him Shawn Michaels explains how much talent he saw in Daniel Bryan when he trained him

Shawn is very high on him:

"He's a wonderful young man and I know he's going to make the most of his opportunity that's for sure. I knew he was talented from the day that I saw him.

From the first time he walked into the Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy he was a hard worker, he was unbelievably talented. But, like me, one of the things that I knew was going to be an up-hill battle for him was his size.

You know that he's going to be successful but I don't think any of us anticipated this. I mean, he has become the underdog.

I don't know that anybody's ever captured the people quite like Bryan has, certainly at this time, and it's a great thing to see. When doctors tell you "you can't do this anymore" it's heartbreaking.

The truth is, it's a lot easier to leave on your own terms, and now he's got the opportunity that very few people have, and that's to have everything.

He's going to have that wonderful family. He's going to to get an opportunity and a second chance at the career he loves being in. And that as far as i'm concerned, that's living heaven on earth."

The fact that he was able to achieve so much in the company despite his size means Daniel is a GOAT to me. People say Seth or Dolph are the next HBK, but I think D-Bry is


ur booty is heavy duty like diarrhea
one of the GOATS. No doubt about it. Definitely one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. Not only is he a beautiful mixture of all the traits a pro wrestler needs, but he's also a perfect "non-perfect" wrestler, if that makes any sense. He looks depart from any other top guy in the business, but managed to turn it into a positive for himself, in both the babyface and heel spectrum.
It's insane to me how he was able to switch from being the most over babyface in ages, to one of the greatest and most hated heels in recent memory despite having a heartbreaking retirement in-between of it all. Just comparing the crowd reactions of Elimination Chamber 2014 & 2019 is nuts to me. In 2014 they were dying to see him win and in 2019 they couldn't stand the sight of him walking out of the event as champion.

Overall, I can only give him a 10/10. He loves his craft and mastered it on the biggest scale imaginable. I remember comments from 2010 writing him off as "just another vanilla midget" but I'd argue that him and Punk are the main reason why WWE started having more interest in guys from ROH, TNA, New Japan and elsewhere
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