Wrestler Rating Series #2 - Chris Jericho

How would you rate Jericho as an overall wrestler on the scale 1-10?

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white crow

The Serbian Butcher
Second pick for rating is Y2J, after Punk got voted with 8,8,10. The Punk poll is still open so you can vote if you want.

When it comes to Y2J there is not much thinking needed to rate him. From my perspective he’s upfront 10. Extremely charismatic, sucessful in every promotion he has worked for, and his in ring skills are amazing. In my top 10 list of all time greats he is #4. Simply so over his entire career, still the face of a company in his forties. He could make every match a 5 star both promo-wise and in-ring-wise. And just to note I have no bias in this stance, Y2J is not one of my favorite wrestlers but even if he was my least favorite I just gotta admit that he’s class A in every single point of view.

Of course, you may have a different opinion so put a vote over there and write a post if you feel like it.


Moist Nephew
10/10, easy. Hell, a bit of a controversial statement, but in my opinion Jericho is the greatest of all time (and no, not because he's in AEW)

Wrestling wise, he's an 8, 9 at his prime, but his charisma is a solid 11. Sure, guys like Ric Flair have a better character, but Flair is only Flair. In the 80s, in WCW, in Evolution, in TNA, even today, he is just Ric Flair. It may be an 11 character, but it's just one character

Compare that to Jericho. Lionheart, Y2J, the code, Jerishow, business suit Jericho, end of the world Jericho, rockstar Jericho, GOAT Jericho, list/scarf Jericho, even today's weird Alice Cooper Jericho, every thing he's ever done is fucking fire, and that is absolutely unheard of. The fact that he can not only nail so many characters, but nail so many different characters is truly SS tier

Grievous 3D

Is Currently In Stasis...
You know what's funny about my views on Jericho?

I basically liked the guy when he first showed up in
WCW...(his feud with Dean Malenko was classic) &
when he first "jumped ship" to WWE...(that debut
may still be the best ever) but it wasn't really until
very recently when he managed to get a piece of
paper on a clipboard over that I truly realized how
good he is.

Plus he sings in a metal band...so yeah...its an easy
9 from me.

Mustafar Reginald

The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
Doxo pretty much sums up my thinking, Jericho is the greatest of all-time in large part to how many vastly different and successful incarnations he's had, no other wrestler even comes close to that amount of versatility. Just looking at the 08 Heel run and The List run, both of those were easily the most over thing in the product during their peak, and both of them are almost polar opposites, in physical presentation and even in speech delivery, yet he managed to make them both work exceedingly well. His in-ring work was always great to excellent too, and I personally love how he continued to add new finishers to his repertoire over the years (even if I think his new one is kinda meh, the willingness to always change is the strongest mark of Jericho).

I will however disagree on one thing, I do actually consider him being a part of AEW as one of the reasons I consider him the all-time greatest, as well as the dream match stuff with Kenny Omega prior with New Japan since that brought over 100,000 new subscribers which is not an insignificant number especially considering it was for a single match. This matters because it's giving Jericho a lot more historical significance in wrestling. Not that AEW hinges on him but it's undeniable that he's the biggest signing and the biggest draw, if AEW takes off as well as I hope it will (and most signs point to it being very successful), then a lot of credit for that is on Jericho, and having that kind of influence on the history of wrestling, makes his case for GOAT a lot stronger.

Jeffry Fucking Mason

WWEF President & Outlaw Admin
LDW Management
Solid 9 for most of his early to mid career, stayed that way til probably 2010. I feel like the last 7 or 8 years has really soured me on him to the point of active dislike. Shit, even his band has gone downhill


Main Eventer
10/10. He is the best in the world at what he does. And that is reinventing himself to stay relevant. I don't need constant 5 star technical matches, I just need to be entertained and given a consistent performance. Hell, I can't even think of a match that I would consider a 5 star Jericho match - maybe his match with Rey for the IC title back in 2009.


You can pick any timeframe 1998-2019 and it's pure gold, no matter if he is a cocky rockstar, whiney heel, a brave babyface, the greatness he did in 2009, what he does currently in AEW, there was not one period since his first heelturn in WCW where he wasn't entertaining and didn't had great matches. 9/10
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