Wrestler Rating Series #4 - Kane

How would you rate Kane as an overall wrestler on a scale 1-10?

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white crow

The Serbian Butcher

When it comes to Kane, the things I admire about him mostly circle around character work. In that field he is amazing, in my opinion way better than the Undertaker. He was an attraction most of his career because of decent gimmicks, presence and solid charisma. Both masked and unmasked Kane were purely amazing. Being a ‘monster’ suited him very well because of terryfing look that would often give me chills when I started watching wrestling as a kid. I even like his character work before he adopted the name ‘Kane’, that dentist gimmick wasn’t bad at all. He was bad on the mic but his gimmicks didn’t really request anything better.

However, when it comes to more important things such as in-ring skills he wasn’t that impressive. Have to admit, he was still far better than the other guys his size but still, his matches were always average at best. Diving clothesline and chokeslam were quite good, but the other moves were not on a decent level at all. Judging solely by his wrestling abilities he never should have been a world champion, but I guess he managed to fill those blank fields with character work so it was relatively ok.

My overall grade would be 6/10. He’s slightly above average mostly because of non-wrestling qualities. Still, better than Roman Reigns in every single aspect which is sad when you look at that guy’s booking.

Cast your vote in the poll and feel free to elaborate your opinion in a comment. I’m really interested to see your take on The Big Red Machine.


The Last Outlaw
I give him a 8 he has to be the second most iconic horror wrestler in wwe history.

I especially loved Kane in his juggernaut era in the 90s . It just sucked on how much they nerfed him over the years.
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white crow

The Serbian Butcher
Just out of curiosity, if Kane is a 10 then how are you rating Stone Cold, Bret Hart or The Rock? I mean, objectively speaking Kane could be a 7 maximumly, he was always in every sense just a mid-carder with a cool gimmick. If you’re taking in the consideration the fact that he’s one of your favorites, that’s fine, but it’s not an objective grade. 10/10 could only be a guy that’s in top 25 all time, and Kane probably doesn’t even fit in the top 100 list. Nothing against the guy, but that’s just how it is.

Punk is my favorite but I still rate him an 8. :pity:
Do I like someone or not has nothing to do with their factual pro wrestling skills. Everyone has his system of evaluating a wrestler, whatever yours is it’s fine with me, but having bias doesn’t fall into category of being objective. R-Truth is a likeable guy too but I wouldn’t give him a 10 ‘cause of that.

Solid Snake

ɪɴғɪɴɪᴛᴇ ᴄᴀᴛ ʟɪᴛᴛᴇʀ
Early Kane gets a 9/10. He was balanced and his character was great for emphasizing his size while covering up his lacking mic skills. Those improved somewhat over time but he didn't need them regardless for who he was. I always liked him more than the Undertaker. For a man his size, he did great ring work and his presence has a huge nostalgia factor for me. The simpler times of WWE, being a kid, etc. That, and he used to scare the literal piss out of my cousin. She legit peed herself once out of fear. lolol

What they did to Kane later in his career... 4/10, sadly.
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Main Eventer
5/10. Very hit or miss, inconsistency is a pet peeve of mine. Would like to give him higher but the amount of snooze fests he has put on is unforgivable. Then again, there were some years where he was one of the workhorses of the WWE in terms of number of matches performed so he had more chances to put on snooze fests. I don't think I would rate a match I saw him in higher than 4 stars.

Embrace the hate was good at the start. WHC Kane on Smackdown who tried to kill Undertaker was ... interesting. Team Hell No Kane was great. Corporate Kane was good.

Maybe I am being too harsh on him. He has had a long career and performs his role well as a monster. I guess I just expect better in ring performances from monsters because of what The Wyatt Family gave us.
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