Wrestler Rating Series #5 - Finn Balor

How would you rate Finn as an overall wrestler on a scale 1-10?

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Main Eventer
I guess being in Bullet Club meant others could fill in his weaknesses as a talker. Why hasn't he got a manager? I really wish Heyman would manage more people than just Lesnar

white crow

The Serbian Butcher
He's not really Benoit-skilled when it comes to mic, it can be improved, he just needs more practise. Better to let him train it for some time than to instantly give him a manager
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Moist Nephew
Eeeeh, I really want to like Balor, but he's grown content. He used to do five star matches, but not anymore. He used to cut amazing promos, but not anymore. He used to have an aura of awesome, but not anymore.

I really want to give him a 9/10, but I can't. 7/10 at the best

And the Demon sucks


Uncharismatic, bad on the mic, not spectacular in the ring to make up for it (like Ricochet or Kalisto), never looked at him the way I looked at Jeff Hardy, Sean Waltman and Rey Mysterio, a small guy who can mess with the big guys and look good or entertaining. 5/10
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Mustafar Reginald

The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
Finn Balor gets a 7/10 from me as well. He's a pretty guy, he's got a great physique and that James Dean, daydream look in his eye and he can also wrestle a pretty good match. There's actually a few things about Finn Balor as a wrestler I really appreciate, like how well he protects his finish. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know, at least on the main roster, Brock Lesnar is the only person to kick out of the Coup de Grace (because of course it'd be him). Even Strowman during his height didn't, I remember distinctly during the Elimination Chamber when Strowman eliminated basically everyone, there was a moment Finn hit the Coup de Grace on him and then Miz rolled Finn up. Which was dumb of Miz, but definitely happened in order to protect both Strowman & Finn's finish. I also love the cohesion of his moveset. Like how he uses the front dropkicks a lot, particularly in the set-up for the Coup de Grace, both of which are moves that utilize basically the same formation of his two soles, it's really neat to see a wrestler have that attention to detail.

He loses points most everywhere else. I do think his entrance is fantastic though, arguably the best in WWE today due to just how integral the timing of it is. But yeah, not very interesting on the mic, not very charismatic, and the Demon is cool but he doesn't go all the way with it. I'm not talking about how infrequent it is, I'd hate for him to have to get painted all the time, but for how little difference there is between Demon and regular Balor. Occasionally, they'll have a spot where the Demon's power comes through, like him no selling Bray's stupid ass upside down clown walk of spooks or powerbombing Lashley (though honestly, he struggled way too much to do that even as the Demon, so it actually took away from the mystique of the Demon but it was an attempt at least) but a lot of times, it doesn't matter. It didn't matter in his match against AJ, it didn't matter in his match against Rollins when he won the belt because ultimately, Finn doesn't alter his moveset or movements at all while as the Demon. He takes on another persona during the entrance, but none of that character work translates over into the match. Just a different manner of moving around, or some Demon specific moves would do a lot to elevate The Demon past just because fancy paint Finn wears when he's sick of losing. This is what upsets me the most with Finn, because there's so much potential there for something amazing but instead the gimmick just feels half-baked.

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