Wrestler with the best move arsenal

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zach, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. Of all active wrestlers?

    My favorite right now is Cody Rhodes. I love his Beautiful Disaster, he pulls it off excellently. Cross Rhodes is an awesome finisher too if he has a good seller on the receiving end.
  2. El Generico definately.

  3. Kevin Steen.​

  4. DAMN! That move at 0:25 looked extremely painful @[seabs].
  5. I love that apron powerbomb lol. You should see the rest of his move set. He can do the swanton, 450 splash and a springboard moonsault amongst other things.
  6. @seabs

    Holy crap that guy can do moves like Rey Mysterio. That's quite impressive.
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  8. @[Crayo], I'm interested to see who you think has the best move set.
  9. Steen. Was thoroughly impressed with his moveset, but this is WWE. I'll say Jericho.
  10. If we're talking solely the WWE then Del Rio I love the way he works on the arm. Every move seems to serve a purpose.
  11. In terms of entertainment, Sin Cara could be up there. If he doesn't botch them.
  12. Sin Cara botches a lot though, that's why I say El Generico or Rey Mysterio.
  13. Mysterio yeah. This is WWE so Generico can't really be nominated.
  14. Cara's botches aren't totally his fault imo. It's the other guys struggling to keep up. He seems too quick for alot of them.
  15. Mysterio used to be just as quick and he didn't botch near as much @[seabs].
  16. When Rey first came to the US he had a lot of fellow luchadores to help him adjust to American wrestling style,examples include Psycosis, Juvi and Konan. Cara has had Hunico and Chavo and that's basically it. There is a big difference between the two. Plus Cara is on the biggest stage of them all with alot of hype. Rey was in the third rate promotion with little hype to him.
  17. Don't get me wrong, I think Cara has way more potential then Rey has had previously, but you gotta hand it to Rey, he's pulled off very impressive things in his career. Plus, he really wasn't bad on Mic.
  18. Rey has is one of the best in ring of all time. I doubt anyone would or could argue that.
  19. Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio at Summerslam 2012... Calling it now.
  20. That should be a wrestlemania match imo. It's going to be Rey passing the torch to Cara as the next big WWE luchadore.